Keep It Clean

Innovation by | Jan 2013 | Issue #72

If you are reading this, you probably consider yourself a beer advocate, or at least a true fan. And as such, you might wonder what you could do to take your passion even further. Maybe you should consider bathing in it.

Meet Swag Brewery, which isn’t really a brewery at all. Co-owner Max Arndt, who founded the site with two college friends, calls the Minneapolis-based web store “Craft Beer Outfitters.” In addition to some cool, well, swag, that any beer aficionado would be proud to own—like the artistic and informative “Varieties of Beer” poster or the different flavors of hop candy—Swag offers beer soap. Eight varieties, to be exact, made with some of the most popular and highly regarded craft beers in the country.

Arndt says the beer soap is a healthy alternative for your skin. Beer’s ingredients, he says, offer specific skin-healing properties. For example, malted barley is known to increase circulation, Arndt says. Hops, a natural antibacterial ingredient and preservative, are also an effective exfoliant.

“They’ve also been known to help slow the aging process by affecting the body’s production of neopterin and tryptophan,” Arndt says. “For years, brewer’s yeast has been considered a healing ingredient because it contains loads of B vitamins and saccharides, which purify and renew your skin while locking in moisture.”

With varieties like Surly Furious with Amarillo hops, Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison with orange peel and Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat Stout with crushed oats and Sumatra coffee beans, the term “shower beer” might just take on a whole new meaning.

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