Tag: Beer Products

Hopping Mad About Flavor Innovation by

Condensed liquid flavoring designed to enhance beer, Mad Hops (and its competitor OnTap) borrows a concept from existing products that add flavor to other beverages, like water.

The Power Is Yours: Customizing the Drinker Experience Feature by

The brewing industry is entering a new entrepreneurial phase, where satellite businesses give consumers the power to move from a one-size-fits-all drinking experience to one that’s highly tailored to the individual.

No More Warm Beer Innovation by

After 45 minutes in the freezer, the Chillsner is transformed into an in-bottle cooling device that fits right into any standard 9-inch, 12-ounce bottle.

Put a Lid on It: A Compact, Stealth Koozie from Trinken Products Innovation by

Thanks to an inventive take on a koozie that looks a lot like a coffee cup lid, you can keep your beer cold—and hidden.

Keep It Clean Innovation by

With soap varieties like Surly Furious with Amarillo hops, Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison with orange peel and Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat Stout with crushed oats and Sumatra coffee beans, the term “shower beer” might just take on a whole new meaning.

BREW-K: When Flowers Won’t Do Innovation by

Beer is, of course, a great gift. But sometimes a six-pack with a bow stuck on top just doesn’t say enough. By giving beer in a special BREW-K package, you convey to the recipient that you went over and above in your beer giving.

Old Chub Stick Wares by

The Old Chub Stick, made by Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Co., is the first lip balm made with beer and beer ingredients.