Author: Pete Dunlop

Pete Dunlop is the author of Portland Beer: Crafting the Road to Beervana and the founder of

Bale Breaker Brewing Company: Making Local Connections in Washington From the Source by

Bale Breaker Brewing is the creation of siblings Meghann Quinn, Patrick Smith and Kevin Smith, whose family started growing hops in Washington’s Yakima Valley back in 1932. They founded Bale Breaker in 2013, with help from Kevin Quinn, Meghann’s husband.

Lightning in a Barrel: Art Larrance, Ron Gansberg and the Origins of Cascade Brewing Feature by

The beers that have shocked and awed fans and made the Cascade Barrel House a destination for locals and tourists are the collaborative offspring of owner Art Larrance and brewmaster Ron Gansberg.

De Garde Brewing: Keeping it Spontaneous in Oregon From the Source by

In 2013, Trevor Rogers and Linsey Hamacher opened de Garde Brewing, whose singular focus is spontaneously fermented, barrel-aged beers.

Kauai Beer Company From the Source by

KBC’s location in central Lihue might seem problematic. Once bustling with activity as the hub of Kauai’s sugarcane industry, the area fell into decline, leaving behind a mix of used car lots alongside insurance, legal and government offices. In this landscape, KBC is a bright spot, helping revive downtown Lihue.