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The Beers of Bamberg, Germany Feature by

In May 2010, a modern tourist structure was completed in the center of Bamberg, and they launched “Brewery Trail” walking tours that have been designed by the tourist bureau on the east and west sides of the Regnitz River.

Weyermann Maltings: German Roots, Global Reach Feature by

What started as “a tiny shop under a tarp lean-to in downtown Bamberg,” is now the world’s largest organic malt producer, supplying more than 80 different types of malts to clients in 115 countries—and they’re still evolving.

Ein Bier Bitte? Last Call by

Todd Ashman of FiftyFifty Brewing shares his love for the Bamberg beer scene.

Bamberg, Germany Destinations by

With 10 breweries and brewpubs serving just 70,000 residents, Bamberg boasts one of the world’s highest levels of per capita beer production.

Rauchbier: Smoke Gets in Your Beer Style Profile by

The classic style of smoke is Rauchbier (rauch is German for smoke) from the town of Bamberg.