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The Ales of Carlsberg History by the Glass by

Carlsberg’s Carl Jacobsen had clearly been impressed by what he’d seen on his travels and brought back an enthusiasm for British ales. So much enthusiasm that he started brewing ales alongside the lagers you would expect.

Younger’s No. 3 History by the Glass by

Like all beers that have been brewed for a long period, No. 3 has undergone many changes. No. 3 is also a beer that’s refused to die, no matter what history has thrown at it. If you’re ever in Scotland, you should give it a try.

Alloa Ale History by the Glass by

London, Burton, Edinburgh: Britain’s key brewing towns. But one name is missing. The forgotten great of British beer: Alloa, renowned for its ales and Pale Ales.

Departed Friends Last Call by

Remembering John Young, Wally Ruwich and Jim Kennedy.