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Würst Bier Hall in Fargo, North Dakota Barkeep by

To complement a list that mixes German imports (think Schwaben Bräu, Hacker-Pschorr and Hofbräu) with North Dakota staples like Fargo Brewing and Drekker Brewing, Würst serves up loads of hearty German fare.

German Spätzle with Beer Cheese Sauce Cooking with Beer by

Whether you spell it spätzle or spaetzle, this German noodle or dumpling is a perfect accompaniment to classic dishes like Sauerbraten, Rindsrouladen and other dishes served with a sauce or gravy. This substitute for potatoes or rice can also be found in Austrian cuisine.

Beer Strudel: Sweet, Savory, and Super Tasty Cooking with Beer by

When made with beer, a strudel’s tender, flaky and super-tasty dough can become a wonderful meal. There are endless combinations of fillings and flavors that can be tried, but here are two recipes to try during Oktoberfest.

Turn Your Backyard Into a Biergarten Party-Gyle by

Here are five simple steps to transforming your yard, deck or any outdoor space you can camp out on into a welcoming, biergarten-esque atmosphere.

Sauerkraut: Another Fermentation Cooking with Beer by

Sauerkraut is easy to make, and any lover of sour beers will enjoy the flavor it can bring to a dish or meal. Here are a few recipes that use sauerkraut, and one recipe for making it from scratch.

Braising with the Season Cooking with Beer by

Slow-cooked German cuisine allows us time to sip beer with our friends as we wait patiently for sinuous tissues to break down into tender bits of meat, filling the home with glorious aromas.

A Twist on a Classic German Snack Cooking with Beer by

Over 300 million pounds of pretzels are made each year. Impress friends and guests with these four flavors that aren’t your everyday pretzel variety.