Author: Cathy Erway

Cathy Erway is the author of The Art of Eating In: How I Learned to Stop Spending and Love the Stove, and gets by throwing raucous beer and food parties.

Baron von Biergarten Party-Gyle by

Even if you don’t have a home bar with 20 tap handles, it’s great to re-create a beer garden setting in your backyard. Grab a few long folding tables, and turn your yard into the best place around for a pint.

So, You Think You Can Roast A Pig? Party-Gyle by

Fortunately, it’s a lot harder to mess up pig roasting than it is homebrewing. Yes, you can roast a whole pig for a celebratory occasion this summer, and here’s how.

Hosting a Craft Beer Boil Party-Gyle by

Whether it’s a Fourth of July party or just a regular summer bash, it’s a great time to crack into seafood and beers. Summer beers pair perfectly with seafood, and fresh seasonal produce like corn and watermelon.

Here for the Beer: 4 Great Summer Getaways Party-Gyle by

Maine, Denver, Seattle or Philly, here are four craft beer-infused itineraries for a vacation that you can really use.

A Mermorial Day to Remember Party-Gyle by

On Memorial Day, we honor the brave soldiers who have died serving in the US military. But the holiday has also come to mark the start of a new season, which we might boil down to the three S’s: sun, seersucker and Saison.

Beer Brunch Party-Gyle by

Forget the waffle house—you can have a better, cheaper and longer brunch session in your own home. And whether ringing headaches are demanding hair-of-the-dog or it’s a perfectly healthy situation, getting a little buzz from beer or classic brunch cocktails is a pretty good way to ease into the weekend.

St. Patrick’s Pah-ty Party-Gyle by

Remember the feeling in grade school that you weren’t really allowed to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day if you weren’t Irish? Now that you’ve grown, you can absolutely get down with the true spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, and you don’t even have to wear green. It’s a holiday devoted to drinking, as we all know now.

Bang A Gong, Get It On: Your Lunar New Year Party Recipe Party-Gyle by

It’s Chinese New Year on February 10th, but that just means it’s the beginning of the lunar calendar’s annual cycle. And it’s not just the Chinese who celebrate it. So with that in mind, it’s perfectly appropriate to sound the gong and declare a party for the start of the Year of the Snake.

How to Host a Beer Dinner Party-Gyle by

By putting the emphasis on beers, the notion of preparing a fine dinner for guests becomes much less intimidating. The winter is a terrific time for hearty, beer-braised main courses, and after hosting your own beer dinner, you’ll be all the wiser on beer pairings with food.

Spice & Everything Nice Party-Gyle by

Wish you could have the holidays your way, instead of some carnival of family dysfunction that rears its ugly head each year? This month, host your own holiday party, with all the things that make season’s greetings sweeter. I’m not just talking about cookies, but malty winter beers. Spices are nice for baked goods, but

A Harvest Dinner, Minus the Stress of Thanksgiving Party-Gyle by

Perhaps the best part of throwing a potluck-style party is being introduced to new tastes (and beers) that you wouldn’t otherwise try.

All Hallows’ Beer Party-Gyle by

Whether you love or hate Halloween, you’re doubtless going to be asked to participate in some way. Anyone can find something to like about the holiday, no matter how opposed you may think you are. Here’s a party formula that no one can resist: fun, scary movies and very good beer.

Back to Beer School Party-Gyle by

September is the classic “back to school” time, and a demonstration or loose lesson is a great way to anchor a party before it breaks into chaos. And what’s more relevant a topic than beer?

Married, With Beer Party-Gyle by

Beer has been integral to weddings and other festivities throughout history, much more so than champagne. In fact, the word “bridal” derives from “bride ale.”

Fire Up Your Fourth of July with a Semi-Patriotic Party Party-Gyle by

Fireworks, flags, barbecue and beer. If there’s one time to party, it’s the Fourth of July. Show off a little patriotic spirit by focusing on all-American craft ales, celebrating the country’s colorful brewing heritage. Red Ales, blueberry beers, and Wits, perhaps?

Turn Your Backyard Into a Biergarten Party-Gyle by

Here are five simple steps to transforming your yard, deck or any outdoor space you can camp out on into a welcoming, biergarten-esque atmosphere.

Not Your Mother’s May Day Party Party-Gyle by

If dancing around a maypole isn’t exactly your idea of a good time, you can still celebrate the holiday by drinking and feasting amid spring bouquets to usher in the new season. Plus, flowers are a prominent tasting note in many of the great spring seasonal beers to flow this month.

The Spring Fling Party-Gyle by

Throw a party for spring: an ode to new love and Saison. This beer style means “season” in French (the language of love), and has come to represent a distinctly refreshing category of light ales. Hence, the spring equinox on March 20th will mark the release of these crisp, zesty beers from many breweries.

Take a Beercation This Spring Party-Gyle by

America has a rich brewing history too—here are a few itineraries that will help you explore it, in places with plenty of other fun things to do.

Beat the Winter Blues with a Fiesta Party-Gyle by

For a February fiesta, the perfect beers to pair with tacos, tapas, spicy fried food, and to mix into your cocktails.

Super Bowl Party Smarts Party-Gyle by

Fortunately, there are a lot of crisp, greasy snacks that pair very well with winter beers. And suppose you don’t go for dark ales at all—most of the usual suspects on the basic bar menu are designed to go with lighter, bubblier beer.

A Party Like It’s 2012 Party-Gyle by

There’s no time to waste on planning your New Year’s Eve party. But what makes a good New Year’s Eve party? Aside from a healthy stock of good beer, one ingredient to a good party is to start with an inventive theme.

Homebrew for the Holidays Party-Gyle by

If you’re in the mood to re-create what Thanksgiving might have been like in its earliest years, you could try your hand at making your own beer to share with friends and family, and to have a toast with when the last Thursday of November rolls around.

The Great Pumpkin Party Party-Gyle by

Here’s a solution for the skeptical fall pumpkin beer party-pooper. Host a soirée with a handful of craft pumpkin brews. Cook up a variety of dishes that focus on just that winter squash, and have some other fun, seasonal activities to pair it all with.