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Fisherman’s Pie Infused with Irish Red Ale Cooking with Beer by

Irish Red Ale’s caramel malts and grassy hop undertones add history and heritage to a Fisherman’s Pie layered with beer-poached seafood and mashed potatoes.

A Mostly True Story: Homebrewing Wood Chipper Irish Red Ale BYOB by

A trip to Fargo, N.D., rekindles a love for malt-forward beers and inspires Wood Chipper Irish Red Ale, with an addition of roasted barley for a subtle color boost.

Beer Pot Pies Cooking with Beer by

These English- and Irish-inspired pot pies evoke nostalgia with every bite. The flaky crust gives way to a rich, beer-infused filling, studded with vegetables, meat or fish—take your pick.

Irish Red Ale: Neither Hoppy Nor Malty Style Profile by

Irish Red Ale is a style without any real edges. It is neither hoppy nor particularly malty. It is satisfying, not provocative.

Celtic Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

March tends to lend itself to classic Irish pub fare with the ever-so-popular St. Patrick’s Day. Here are a few creations that provide a little change from the classic corned beef and cabbage dish.