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By Any Other Name: The Truth About Private Label Beers The Business of Beer by

Sold to consumers as collaborations or house beers, private label partnerships between breweries and bars or restaurants aim to benefit both sides.

A Long, Cold Storage: Making Way for Craft Lagers Feature by

The vast majority of craft brewers make forgiving, warm-fermenting ales. But new lager-focused breweries are taking a two-tracked approach to changing that, making fresh versions of the German classics and pushing American lagers into new territory with pumpkins, coffee, rye malt and candi sugar.

Shelly Hendler, Mother of Jack, Eric and Sam Hendler, Jack’s Abby Last Call by

At Jack’s Abby, the Framingham, Mass., brewery is truly a family operation—and if the brothers’ mom, Shelly, has it her way, they’ll be counting some Suffolk Punch horses in the family, too.

Class of 2011: 22 of the Best New Breweries in the US Feature by

No one knows what lies ahead—but if these intrepid small-business owners are any indication, craft beer will be just fine. Here are just a few of the stories that made 2011 one of the best years for craft beer in the country’s history.