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Laura Boada, Founder of Zambo Creek Microcervecería, an All-Female Brewery in Ecuador Last Call by

As the founder and brewmaster of Zambo Creek Microcervecería, an all-female brewery in Quito, Ecuador, Boada works to empower women in the brewing industry.

Amber Highways: Brewers Hit the Road in Search of Knowledge and New Opportunities Feature by

Taking time off to travel allows brewers to escape the comfort zone of their local brewing scene. Countless possibilities await those willing to expand their worldview for the sake of professional development, whether it’s a state or a continent away.

Nicole Erny, Master Cicerone Last Call by

On December 16—her 28th birthday—Erny learned that she’d earned the title “Master Cicerone.” She’s the fourth and youngest person, and the first woman to pass the test.