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Brewing with Cheatgrass Zymology by

While out one day surveying invasive cheatgrass fields in Nevada, USDA scientist Tye Morgan thought about the weed’s potential as a brewing grain.

Where There’s Water, Beer Can Flow Brick & Mortar by

Arthur Farley considered this relationship between water and beer while scouting a location for his Brasserie St. James brewpub in Reno, Nev. He decided on the old Crystal Springs Water building in Midtown. The kicker? The artesian well 300 feet below the building.

Reno, Nevada Destinations by

In the wake of the declining tourism economy, the Biggest Little City is redefining itself and one element that’s been pivotal in Reno’s renaissance, unsurprisingly, is craft beer. From retail to bars, dinners to fests, and especially in online communities, Reno is awash in good beer like it’s never been before.