Why We Beer Smack

Beer Smack by | Apr 2015 | Issue #99

Let’s start with its meaning. “Beer,” well, we all know what that word means. “Smack” comes from the slang term smack talk, which refers to intentionally inflammatory language. And within our context, the inflammatory language is writing that’s meant to provoke a reaction in the reader. Put it all together and you’ve got “Beer Smack.”

When we launched BeerAdvocate magazine back in January 2007, we were tired of the growing amount of fluff journalism and ass-kissing in the beer industry. Because while beer is awesome, it’s not without its flaws. Drunk on passion and enthusiasm, it seemed like the beer community’s judgment had been impaired. Where was the critical thinking and brutal honesty, the constructive criticism and irreverent poking? In our opinion, it was missing. So we decided to weave all of that into our opening editorial, which we lovingly titled “Beer Smack.”

In recent years, we’ve admittedly become even more critical of the hands that feed us, but we do so out of respect and a burning desire to see progress and improvement. And while our candid opinions are often unpopular with some readers, we believe it’s important to voice them and create discussion. It’s why we created BeerAdvocate in the first place.

Respect Beer.