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10 Years of the Magazine Beer Smack by

Back in December 2006 the first copies of the inaugural issue of BeerAdvocate magazine shipped to thousands of founding subscribers around the globe. Today, we continue to publish award-winning content, each and every month, for those of you who enjoy professional coverage of beer and its culture in tangible form.

One Hundred Mags (Rule) Beer Smack by

Since we announced the launch of BeerAdvocate magazine in June 2006, we’ve been told that “print is dead” and that it was likely to fail. Admittedly, the mag has been hit with some challenges over the years, but we met them head on, learned from them, and 100 issues later, we’re still here.

Why We Beer Smack Beer Smack by

When we launched BeerAdvocate magazine back in January 2007, we were tired of the growing amount of fluff journalism and ass-kissing in the beer industry. Where was the critical thinking and brutal honesty, the constructive criticism and irreverent poking?

To Infinity, and Beyond! Beer Smack by

2014 was a big year for BeerAdvocate magazine. All numbers were up across the board and more people are reading the mag than ever before. So a big thanks goes out to all of our supporters and subscribers. As for the future, we’ve set our sights even higher.

Passing of the Red Pen Beer Smack by

This is a bittersweet issue for us here at BeerAdvocate. Courtney Cox is about to pass the red pen to a new managing editor. During her tenure, she’s taken a magazine that many thought would fail before it started to one of the most respected beer magazines in the world.

BeerAdvocate Magazine in 2013 Beer Smack by

Last year was a big year for BeerAdvocate magazine. This year, our goal is to make significant changes that’ll allow us to deliver the mag more efficiently, with more content and to more readers.

BeerAdvocate Magazine, Now Available on Google Play Beer Smack by

Good news! US Android users can now subscribe via the Google Play Magazines app available in the Google Play Store.

Resistance is Futile Beer Smack by

Since BeerAdvocate magazine launched, we’ve been inundated with requests to offer a digital version of it. Perhaps it’s time to let go a bit and give in.

Growing Pleasures Beer Smack by

BeerAdvocate magazine continues to grow, as more and more consumers seek information behind the beers they drink. The mag’s success is a tribute to the overall growth that’s occurring throughout the entire craft beer community, something that we’re proud to be a part of.

Happy New Paper! Beer Smack by

The brothers discuss recent changes to the magazine.

One Year of BeerAdvocate Magazine! Beer Smack by

Despite never publishing a magazine before, going against the grain, breaking a lot of publishing rules, and running on a pure passion for beer and a dream, we’re still here.