Happy New Paper!

Beer Smack by | Jan 2009 | Issue #24

If you’re a regular reader of BeerAdvocate Magazine, you’ve probably noticed that something major has changed. We’ve switched from text gloss to newsprint paper. We’ve also switched to a local printer. Why?

Greener Footprints
We know the terms have been overused of late, but we decided to “go green” and reduce our “carbon footprint,” or at least make an attempt versus just talking about it. As a result, our percentage of post-consumer recycled paper is significantly much higher and although the cover is now high-gloss, it’s environmentally certified. This also addresses concerns from eco-minded readers and advertisers regarding the paper we use, and we’ll continue to look for the best green-friendly options.

To boot, with all of the changes in the world’s paper commodities due to publishing consolidations, paper prices continue to increase. So it’s important that we spend smart.

It’s Superficial
When we first decided to create BA mag, everyone urged us to go 100-percent glossy to give our edge a little gleam and so-called class. We bought into this as well, but since then, we’ve come to learn that there’s a severe false perception in equating quality with appearance.

Paper shouldn’t define a magazine. The content and overall message does.

Scalability & Turnaround
By using certain grades of paper, you’re quite restricted to specific page counts, or “signatures.” Newsprint offers much more flexibility, with smaller signatures, that will allow us to scale the size of the mag month to month in order to compensate for publishing more or less content and ads. Think of it as an accordion, which can change its tune based on fluctuations in the economy.

Moving to a local printer and switching to newsprint format also means the wait in getting the mag into your hands will begin to be greatly reduced over the upcoming months.

We’re now in a position where we can increase the number of copies we publish per month. This means that we can achieve our objective of adding tons of new locations to our free distribution lists, reaching thousands of more people with the good word that is beer!

Don’t be, especially if you subscribe. We’re still going to deliver the same high-quality, fresh beer content each and every month. Additionally, you’ll be helping us with our goal to make a difference and thrive during uncertain economic times.

Also, keep an eye out for new content ideas, including a regular column from Tim Webb, author of the Good Beer Guide to Belgium, brewery profiles (beginning with this issue), content generated by BeerAdvocate.com members and industry professionals, and other novel additions thanks to input from our readers.

And as we move into our third year, BA mag is stronger than ever. Words can’t capture the appreciation we have for everyone who supports what we do. We owe our continued success and future growth to you, and thank you for coming along for the ride—as well as steering us here and there along the way.

We raise our beers in your general direction! Cheers, and may your next beer always be a better one!

Respect Beer. 

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