BeerAdvocate magazine #24

Happy New Paper! Beer Smack by

The brothers discuss recent changes to the magazine.

Beer News News by

Drummond Brewing returns to Alberta; Cigar City Brewing shares brewing concepts; Budweiser vs. Budějovický; Rogue saves the Dragon; All-cask brewery opens in Oregon.

Novelty and the New Yorker Unfiltered by

For the last five years, newspaper editors, magazine writers and television producers have sought to define craft beer as being “extreme.”

Brewing Beer with Science: Embrace Your Inner Nerd BYOB by

Don a lab coat, play Dr. Frankenstein, and torture your beer for scientific fun.

Tonya Cornett Going Pro by

Tonya Cornett is about to celebrate her eighth anniversary as the Bend Brewing Company’s brewmaster. She’s also the sole creative force behind the Oregon brewpub’s ever-evolving portfolio of beers.

Altbier: Germany’s Pale Ale? Style Profile by

Altbier is not purely an ale, nor is it a lager. It is a hybrid. The result of its unusual brewing process is an entirely distinctive (and often under-appreciated) flavor.

Yeasts’ Revolutionary Evolution Innovation by

A pair of geneticists at the Stanford University School of Medicine believe that they have uncovered the answer to the classic “which came first” question—not about chickens and eggs, but about ales and lagers.

Additives in Beer Ask the Beer Geek by

The beer geek discusses various additives in your beer—the good and the bad.

Welcome to the Kasbah: North African Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

These recipes from Morocco and Ethiopia will possibly make you think differently when craving comfort food during the cold weather of winter.

5 Seasons Brewing From the Source by

The welcoming staff, warm atmosphere, scrumptious Euro-Asian menu and outstanding range of house beers combine to create an unrivaled brewpub experience that has become an essential ingredient of the vibrant local beer scene.

The Next Pint of Craft Beer: Is it Half Empty, or Half Full? Feature by

Who had it easier: the groundbreaking veterans of craft beer’s early days, or the fresh faces popping up in today’s changed industry?

Austin Destinations by

Austin is home to the state university, some legendary BBQ, musicians, artists and other assorted weirdos. Which is to say, it’s a city that’s perpetually overrun by professional drinkers of every sort.

Ein Bier Bitte? Last Call by

Todd Ashman of FiftyFifty Brewing shares his love for the Bamberg beer scene.