BeerAdvocate magazine #99

Why We Beer Smack Beer Smack by

When we launched BeerAdvocate magazine back in January 2007, we were tired of the growing amount of fluff journalism and ass-kissing in the beer industry. Where was the critical thinking and brutal honesty, the constructive criticism and irreverent poking?

Mikkeller Launches European Brewpub, US Brewery News by

Mikkel Borg Bjergso, the founder, owner and CEO of Denmark’s Mikkeller brewery, and a self-proclaimed “gypsy brewer” who has always used another brewery’s facilities has finally decided to establish not one, but two brewing locations of his own.

Breweries Add and Expand Distribution Arms News by

Two breweries with self-distribution arms, Stone Brewing of San Diego and Harpoon Brewery of Boston, have begun distributing other craft brands in addition to their own in states where the practice is legal.

White Labs to Open European Location News by

The increasing number of US breweries establishing themselves in Europe indicates American beer’s surging popularity overseas. In Copenhagen, White Labs will share a space with WarPigs brewpub, the joint venture between Mikkeller and 3 Floyds, in the city’s meatpacking district.

The Handbook of Stouts and Porters: The Ultimate, Complete and Definitive Guide Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading The Handbook of Stouts and Porters: The Ultimate, Complete and Definitive Guide.

Mai Time Kindred Spirits by

This simple cocktail enhances the unique characteristics of Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company’s Smoked Mai Bock, a bourbon barrel-aged pale lager made with beechwood-smoked barley malt. Think of it as brunch in a glass.

Cleaner, Greener Growlers Innovation by

While convenient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective, the increasingly popular growler can present problems to brewers and tap houses: No matter how incredible the beer, it’s ultimately influenced by what’s going on inside it.

Hop, Drop ‘N Roll by NoDa Brewing Company Label Approval by

Hop, Drop ‘N Roll’s minimalist can design tells you what to expect from that first sip. The touch of yellow alludes to citrus, and the sleek classic car suggests a smooth body. That subtle artistry sets NoDa’s cans apart, and also reflects the brewery’s origins in the bohemian enclave of NoDa, in Charlotte, N.C.

The Age of Agave The Business of Beer by

Adventurous brewers are now setting their sights on a relatively unexplored aging vessel: the tequila barrel. Will they be a short-lived novelty, a reaction to the bourbon derivatives crowding the market, or are tequila barrel-aged beers what’s next in wood?

Dark Arts: Brewers Find Success Connecting with Horror Fans For Love of the Craft by

Beers like Lovecraft Honey Ale, Dawn of the Red and Festus Rotgut exemplify a recent trend among breweries: using branding to reach fans of pop culture subgroups.

Watch Your Language Unfiltered by

Largely the province of beer marketing companies in the past, today’s contract brewers take myriad forms, and with the vast expansion of craft breweries comes new creative opportunities. It’s time to rethink our once strong dislike of contract or guest brewing.

Early Swedish Lager History by the Glass by

In the second half of the 19th century the types of beer brewed in Sweden changed radically. The original, purely indigenous styles were gradually swept away by imports from elsewhere, and Sweden was very early to jump on the lager train.

Lager Experimentation BYOB by

Why aren’t brewers playing with lagers like they do ales? For one thing, lagers are more difficult to homebrew due to the extra refrigeration requirements. Lager yeasts also leave a crisper, more delicate edge that makes it tricky to lay another flavor down without overwhelming the beer.

Chinese Hot Pot with Beer Broth Cooking with Beer by

In Chinese-style hot pot (similar to Japanese shabu shabu or Mongolian hot pot) piping hot broth in a communal cooking vessel is used to cook vegetables, meats and seafood with the goal of sharing ideas and flavors with friends and family around the table.

Brouwer’s Cafe in Seattle, Washington Barkeep by

This pub, which has 64 beers on draft and more than 300 in bottles (not to mention over 60 varieties of Scotch), often devotes most of its taps to special events, like Bigwood, a celebration of barrel-aged beers from Stouts to sours, and Hardliver Barleywine Fest.

Jim Matt of Rhinegeist Brewery Going Pro by

The Rhinegeist Brewery was founded by Bob Bonder, the owner of a local coffee shop, and Bryant Goulding, a brewing industry sales and marketing veteran. To put recipes to their vision, they turned to Jim Matt, a longtime homebrewer who was brewing professionally only because his day job as a chemist had ended.

Peekskill Brewery: Seeking a Higher Standard in New York From the Source by

The distance between Peekskill’s old and new homes is only two-tenths of a mile, but their differences are dramatic. The latter features a 15-barrel brewhouse and a 16-draft taproom on the first floor, with a 65-seat restaurant and another 16 drafts pouring on the second floor.

Where to Drink in Charleston, South Carolina Destinations by

Palmetto Brewing, South Carolina’s first modern brewery, started in Charleston in 1993, but seven other production breweries have opened since 2007. Beyond that, a bevy of retail shops, bars, and tour companies have filled most corners of the city with at least one solid craft option.

Liquid Cornucopia: Brewers Turn to the Garden for Ingredients and Inspiration Feature by

Once primarily restricted to the pumpkin ales stacked high in supermarket aisles every fall, beers brewed with vegetables have become more widespread—and more adventurous.

Lightning in a Barrel: Art Larrance, Ron Gansberg and the Origins of Cascade Brewing Feature by

The beers that have shocked and awed fans and made the Cascade Barrel House a destination for locals and tourists are the collaborative offspring of owner Art Larrance and brewmaster Ron Gansberg.

Gary Fish, Founder of Deschutes Brewery Last Call by

Gary Fish founded Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Ore., in 1988. Twenty-five years later, the brewpub became the sixth-largest craft brewery by volume in the country.