Elevating Beer

Innovation by | Jun 2015 | Issue #101

Those of us without a dedicated beer fridge are often faced with the puzzle of fitting our beer in with the rest of our food and drinks. Charlotte, N.C.-based design engineer Brian Conti designed a solution to that annoyance. The bottleLoft elevates your 12-ounce bottles of precious nectar, clearing shelf space for other items.

“A big focus of my job is problem solving,” says Conti. “I had already developed Strong Like Bull Magnets, so when faced with my weekly fridge space issue, the answer was to utilize all of the space available and the idea to magnetically levitate beer was born.”

Making that wasted space above your beer bottles useful, bottleLoft is a strip with three very powerful magnets that attaches to the fridge’s ceiling or the bottom of a shelf with a powerful, yet removable, adhesive. The magnets are strong enough to hold three times the weight of a 12-ounce beer by the beer’s metal cap alone, suspending the bottles from the top and leaving the space below to store other items. And don’t worry: The magnets are strong enough to prevent the bottles from crashing down if they are accidentally bumped.

“The magnets need to be extra strong as there is very little metal in a bottle cap,” explains Conti. “If a single bottleLoft magnet assembly were to be used to hold a large piece of steel, it could hold a piece over 50 pounds.”

The product raised more than three times its $20,000 goal on Kickstarter last year. After bottleLoft’s success, Conti has a new project in mind for cans launching later this year. “People who see them in action are just simply surprised and amazed. Everyone loves magnets!”

The three-bottle strip is available for $19 at SLBmagnets.com