Tag: Beer Accessories

Taster Trays Get a Clear-Cut Treatment Innovation by

Looking for a better solution for their old wooden beer paddles, Buffalo, N.Y.-based Resurgence Brewing owner Jeff Ware and crew set out to build a better taster tray.

Beery Greetings Innovation by

A gift of six hand-selected beers deserves to be carried and presented in something a little more special than a used six-pack holder—especially for special occasions. That’s why Ashley Edmonds created Beer Greetings.

Märzen Madness Innovation by

Indianapolis friends Ryan Coyle and Mike Sale created Brew Bracket to be a “beer tasting party in a box.” The idea started in 2011, when they founded a 400-person beer-tasting tournament in Indiana.=–km

Tag Your Brew Innovation by

A thin strip of copper imprinted with the name of a brewery, TagaBrew hangs as a charm from a 4-inch chain (for growlers) or 26-inch chain (for collecting and wearing the tags).

Turn Up the Hops Innovation by

Think of the packets as mini beer Randalls. Bobby Gattuso, who studied biology in college, invented Hop Theory beer sachets as a way to enhance beers and start conversations about different flavors in beer.

Elevating Beer Innovation by

Those of us without a dedicated beer fridge are often faced with the puzzle of fitting our beer in with the rest of our food and drinks. Charlotte, N.C.-based design engineer Brian Conti designed a solution to that annoyance: the bottleLoft.

How About a Beer Hug? Innovation by

These days, most beer fans have devised a personal method for traveling with beer in their checked luggage. But no matter how many socks you stuff your bottles into, there’s always the chance that a heartbreaking (and messy) breakage will occur. That’s what inspired two friends to invent the BrewHug.

GrOpen Your Beer Innovation by

Proudly designed and manufactured in Colorado, GrOpener (grab + opener) is a new magnetized tool that allows you to open any capped bottle single-handedly in a simple motion.

BottleKeeper Innovation by

The idea for BottleKeeper came when two cousins improvised a solution to keep a beer bottle cold and protected on the beach: a beer bottle inside a koozie, then inside a stainless steel water bottle for extra insulation.

Taking Shower Beers to a Whole New Level Innovation by

The things that make a shower beer so great are also the things that can turn it into a disaster: warmth, water and cramped, slippery surfaces. That’s why Phil Novara and Zach Walsh invented the Shakoolie—an insulated beer holder that safely sticks on a shower wall.

The Color of Beer Innovation by

Beertone is literally, the Pantone of beer—Pantone being the self-described worldwide standard language for color communication. What Pantone does for color on everything from coffee cups to clothes, Beertone does for beer color.

Creating a Cooler Koozie Innovation by

While they don’t look much like the original koozies, BeerHugZ are still built with the mission of keeping your bottle or can of beer cold and your hand warm.

Stack-Cup Me Up! Innovation by

A concert-going mishap inspired the invention of the Stack-Cup, a durable, injection-molded, food-grade polypropylene beer container that’s commercial dishwasher and freezer safe.

Brewbicle: Smart Beer Cellaring Innovation by

If your beer cellar looks more like a disaster area, the Brewbicle might be just for you. Made of sturdy fiberboard, with leather handles and aluminum hardware, the Brewbicle provides a secure, stackable and attractive way to age your beer.

Saving the World, Growler by Growler Innovation by

Hydro Flask is a company that makes beverage bottles—from 12-ounce single-serves to 64-ounce growler-sized vessels, with several sizes in between. Made from food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, these reusable containers also feature double-wall vacuum insulation.

No Sweat: The Construction of the Coaster Industry Feature by

In the early ’90s, two things happened: the rise of microbreweries, which started releasing their own “breweriana” into the coaster-sphere… and the internet. That’s when the “tegestologist,” or coaster collector, community really blew up.

Beer & Biking: It’s a Cinch Innovation by

The price of gas is soaring, and the warmer weather is encouraging you to get more exercise. Geoffrey Franklin was inspired by two of his favorite things—bikes and beers—to create three items that help the biking beer aficionado get from point A to point B.

Man-Up in the Living Room Innovation by

With good looks that fit in with practically any décor, the Man Table inspired one fan to proclaim, “It’s an oasis of manhood in my wife’s living room!” Just don’t forget to put a coaster under that beer.

Beer Pouch Bucks Bottles & Cans Innovation by

In the beer world, there are bottles, growlers and cans of many shapes and sizes, but nothing has come close to the portability that wine lovers enjoy. Until now.

33 Beers Innovation by

At a mere 3.5 by 5 inches, it slips into the back pocket of a pair of jeans or shorts perfectly, and handy checkboxes and lines help you organize the information on each beer you taste.

Paging Lost Beers Innovation by

As soon as you realize you put your beer down and it’s now lost in a sea of bottles, grab that handy Beer Pager remote clipped to your clothing and press the button, activating the device.

Beer Wares Wares by

Christine Liu tries out a scientific beer vessel, some geeky tees, and a beer cooler designed for the sophisticated host.

Bling Advocate: How Being a Shameless Spendthrift Can Enhance Your Enjoyment of Better Beer Feature by

If you’ve ever dreamed of utter beer extravagance, keep drooling: Here’s the ultimate beer wish list.