How About a Beer Hug?

Innovation by | Feb 2015 | Issue #97

Back in the day, while many of us old-timers had to walk to school in hip-deep snow, uphill, both ways, we were able to carry beer bottles on airplanes. In retrospect, this was a very cool thing, because our treasures weren’t banished to checked luggage, and we could keep close tabs on them during flight.

These days, most beer fans seem to have devised a personal method for traveling with beer in their checked luggage. But no matter how much bubble wrap you pack or how many socks you stuff your bottles into, there’s always the chance that a heartbreaking (and messy) breakage will occur. Plus, all that extra padding can sometimes take up space needed for less important things. Like shoes and pants.

That’s what inspired friends Mourad Chaouch and Jim Morris to invent the BrewHug, a self-inflating pouch that encapsulates fragile bottles in cushiony nylon softness but packs flatter than a pair of underwear when not in use. “Similar to an air mattress, when you open the valve, air is drawn into the Hug, nicely providing a cushion of air around each bottle,” Morris says. “The Velcro side straps and end straps keep BrewHug snug and also provide a handle for transport.”

The BrewHug fits 750-mililiter and 22-ounce bottles and can be used again and again. When inflated, it even floats—a bonus for boat excursions. “You might lose your gear, but your beers will be safe!” Morris jokes.

Each insulating bottle protector weighs in at 6.5 ounces, and holds two large format bottles or one 64-ounce growler. Get one for $24.95 at