BeerAdvocate magazine #97

To Infinity, and Beyond! Beer Smack by

2014 was a big year for BeerAdvocate magazine. All numbers were up across the board and more people are reading the mag than ever before. So a big thanks goes out to all of our supporters and subscribers. As for the future, we’ve set our sights even higher.

Small Breweries Gain Traction in South Korea News by

Loosened governmental restrictions and reduced tax burdens have encouraged entrepreneurship in South Korea’s beer industry, leading to a series of small brewery launches. The changes also allow the country’s preexisting brewpubs and microbreweries to sell their products to outside vendors.

Fire Damages Belgium’s Hof ten Dormaal News by

A fire at Hof ten Dormaal brewery in Tildonk, Belgium, destroyed the company’s warming chamber, bottling line and product stock. No one was injured, but the damages halted operations at the farmhouse brewery, which the Janssens family has run since founding it in 2009.

Flying Dog Announces Experimental Farmworks Brewery News by

Flying Dog plans to establish Farmworks, a brewery focusing on unique, small-batch brews, in Lucketts, Va. The brewhouse will include a coolship, a barrel aging and souring facility, a cellar and a tasting room and hospitality area.

Beer News News by

White Labs to open East Coast location; Carlsberg stops production of Draught Burton Ale; individual beer sales now legal in Missouri; and New York seeks federally backed crop insurance.

Experimental Homebrewing: Mad Science in the Pursuit of Great Beer Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Experimental Homebrewing: Mad Science in the Pursuit of Great Beer.

The Ginger Kirsche Shandy Kindred Spirits by

This beer cocktail is Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery’s homage to the boozy Goaßmaß (goat stein), a Bavarian cousin of the shandy that mixes wheat beer, cola and cherry liqueur.

How About a Beer Hug? Innovation by

These days, most beer fans have devised a personal method for traveling with beer in their checked luggage. But no matter how many socks you stuff your bottles into, there’s always the chance that a heartbreaking (and messy) breakage will occur. That’s what inspired two friends to invent the BrewHug.

Brotherhood Steam Beer by Anchor Brewing Co. Label Approval by

If you’re a fan of the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, the blues-rock band formed by Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson, you know that Anchor’s Brotherhood Steam Beer can is a new experience for Captain Nebula, the “intrepid interspace gnome” who appears on CRB artwork.

Field Studies: Brewers Look to Heritage Grains for Flavor Grain to Glass by

Instead of using mass produced barley, wheat and rye malt, brewers around the country are beginning to look to heritage grains to add character and complexity to their beers—varieties packed with flavor and history.

Maui Brewing Company: 5 Essentials 5 Essentials by

On Christmas Eve 2014, Maui Brewing Company opened the doors to its new taproom in Kihei, Hawaii. Bigger, greener and complete with an outdoor patio, Maui is poised for the future.

Resurrecting Lager Unfiltered by

Considering the substantial resources and opportunities provided by the sales juggernaut that is IPA, it’s time to redirect some of those resources to a noble and long-ignored end: the resurrection of American lager beer.

American Styles of the 1930s History by the Glass by

Robert Wahl had a distinguished career as a brewing science educator. But one of his greatest legacies is a book that shines a light on American brewing in the immediate aftermath of Prohibition.

The Belgian Highlands BYOB by

Belgium was wrecked after WWI. It was enough to drive citizens to drink, but in 1919 the Belgian government passed the Vandervelde Act banning the sale of distilled spirits.

Tasso Beer-Brined Pig Head Gumbo Cooking with Beer by

Gumbo is more than a stew and full of history and Louisiana culture. Its origins are a mixing pot—some of the technique is French, its seasoning and flavors hail from Africa and Spain and its vegetables from the South—combining to create an unmistakable dish that varies from family to family.

Saraveza in Portland, Oregon Barkeep by

Unselfconsciously warm and kitschy, Saraveza is the embodiment of Sarah Pederson’s distinctive vision. Funky green vintage coolers display sought-after bottles of de Garde Bu Weisse and Southern Tier’s Choklat, but there’s always Hamm’s on draft—served across a bar made from thousands of bottle caps.

Jeff Gill of Tallgrass Brewing Company Going Pro by

Jeff Gill started Tallgrass Brewing in the college town of Manhattan, Kan. To make his business work, Gill had to brew with the ambitions of a much larger brewery, targeting casual drinkers and hopheads alike, and carving out a wide distribution footprint that stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to North Dakota.

Galway Bay Brewery: Pushing the Boundaries of Irish Beer From the Source by

Since 2009 Galway Bay has grown from supplying one bar with two beers to supplying nine bars in Galway and Dublin. Much of this success can be traced back to 2012, when the partners hired a 21-year-old biotechnology graduate with no professional brewing experience.

Where to Drink in New Orleans, Louisiana Destinations by

In The Big Easy, drinking is often paired with the debauchery of Bourbon Street, where cheap Hurricanes and “Big Ass Beers” have long been sold and spilled up and down the thoroughfare. But times change even if the party never stops, and New Orleans now has much more to offer the discerning beer drinker.

Flying High: Pilot Systems Guide the Way at Breweries Large and Small Feature by

The recent boom in new breweries has come with a secondary phenomenon: the growth in smaller scale commercial brewing equipment. Today, it seems, almost no one runs a commercial brewery without a pilot system.

Unlocking the Secrets of Smell: Hop Chemists Are Advancing How We Understand and Manipulate Aroma Feature by

Don’t let the names confuse you. Aroma compounds are being engineered into your beers, so think about them the next time you smell a hop bomb. Does your nose detect anything besides that hop character?

Clay Robinson, Co-owner and Founding Brewer, Sun King Brewery Last Call by

When he started brewing, Sun King co-founder Clay Robinson never dreamed he’d be taking days off from bottling to suit up and lobby the Statehouse. But these days, he’s dusting off his bachelor’s degree in rhetoric and fighting to raise the production cap for Indiana’s breweries.