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How About a Beer Hug? Innovation by

These days, most beer fans have devised a personal method for traveling with beer in their checked luggage. But no matter how many socks you stuff your bottles into, there’s always the chance that a heartbreaking (and messy) breakage will occur. That’s what inspired two friends to invent the BrewHug.

Beer News News by

New California law combats keg theft; GABF beer brewed entirely with N.C. ingredients; Hill Farmstead expansion to double production capacity; and Maui Brewing joins in-flight beers from craft breweries.

Beer News News by

Yuengling takes to the skies; Molson retirees’ free beer to dry up; Amsterdam beer bikes prove both popular and controversial; and Iron City Brewing moves to Latrobe, Pa.

BeerFly: Airline Edition Feature by

Welcome aboard Jet Brew Flight IBU77 from Fridge to Belly. Please direct your attention to our BeerAdvocate in-flight beer guides, Jason and Todd, for today’s current offerings.