Paging Lost Beers

Innovation by | Mar 2009 | Issue #26

There are people who dream. They see a day when peace will spread across the planet; when cherub-faced children with perfectly coiffed hair and photo-ready clothes play carefree in front yards across America and help grandmothers across the street without being asked.

And then there are people who dream big. Richard Stockton and Casey Oosterbaan, who own RC Products in Lake Elsinore, Calif., are two of those people. They dream of a world where there are no lost or misplaced beers, a world of no bottles left behind, half full of precious elixir.

As is often the case, the dream these two men share has humble roots. Stockton says it came to him and his partner simply enough, at a barbecue in Stockton’s backyard during an especially heated game of cornhole, a popular beanbag-toss game.

“Parched after the competitive game, my partner, Casey, went to get his beer and could not find it,” Stockton says. “I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to locate your lost beer like your car when you lose it in a parking lot?’ We both roared with laughter, and said, ‘Let’s make it.’”

Three years later, after several tweaks and versions, the Incredible Beer Pager was born. At first glance, it’s an understated, two-piece gadget. The first piece is a beer koozie that looks pretty regular until you notice the base unit, which houses LED lights and two small speakers. The second piece looks a lot like the remote fob attached to car keys, but this remote features one large button and a clip on the back so you can fasten it to your pocket for easy access.

To use the Beer Pager, you simply place your beer bottle (or can) securely in the koozie, clip on the “remote” and enjoy your beer (and the party). Then, as soon as you realize you put your beer down and it’s now lost in a sea of bottles, grab that handy remote so conveniently clipped to your clothing and press the button, activating the device. That’s when the fun happens.

“When you can’t find your beer, press the button on the remote. It lights up and makes a noise,” Stockton says.

That would definitely make your beer stand out. But even better, the Beer Pager comes in four styles, featuring themed sounds and unique artwork on the koozie. The original, The Belcher, unleashes a satisfying burp. The Biker revs up some menacing motorcycle noises. The Golfer follows the sound of a comical “ricocheting golf shot miraculously landing in the hole.” And The Casino emits slot-machine sounds that could also double as UFO noises for those of the alien persuasion.

Stockton says the party really starts when the Beer Pager is unleashed—the reaction from the crowd is always the same: “Hysterical!” he says. “When The Belcher model burps and lights up, it gets everybody laughing.”

Rest assured that no matter which style you choose, each one is obnoxious enough to get that beer in your hand very quickly—and guarantees that other partygoers will make sure it stays there.