BeerAdvocate magazine #26

Session vs. Extreme Beers Beer Smack by

Personally, we agree the world could use more session beers (good ones, of course). We just don’t feel it’s necessary to bash extreme beers in order to achieve this.

Beer News News by

Sierra Nevada helps create fuel from yeast; Bill Brand passes away; BEER act arrives; Molson creates mega mural for Olympic Games; Oregon tax law; Debate still brewing over Alabama’s beer laws.

In Praise of “The Beer” Unfiltered by

Sparking an interest in craft beer is all about the right beer at the right moment, the one sip that radically transforms the imbiber’s way of thinking about beer.

A-B InBev and I The Politics of Beer by

One problem with global and personal expansion is that each is based on an optimistic set of assumptions that perpetual growth is both realistic and beneficial.

March Madness BYOB by

This month’s recipe is the result of many years of traditional Märzen brewing. Every spring, I brewed a batch of Märzen to squirrel away until the Falcons’ Oktoberfest.

Brian Dunn Going Pro by

Brian Dunn founded Great Divide Brewing Company to work with something he loved, and to work for himself.

Eisbock: Don’t Freeze This at Home Style Profile by

Do not confuse Eisbock with North American ice beer. The latter is an abomination, in which, after freezing, the lifeless lager is weakened with the addition of water. Eisbock, by contrast, is a marvel of science.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Ron Jeffries, Brian Dunn and Rich Doyle discuss the pros and cons of a national “packaged on” date standard.

Paging Lost Beers Innovation by

As soon as you realize you put your beer down and it’s now lost in a sea of bottles, grab that handy Beer Pager remote clipped to your clothing and press the button, activating the device.

Bottom of the Barrel Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek discusses various myths on the origin of “bottom of the barrel.”

Celtic Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

March tends to lend itself to classic Irish pub fare with the ever-so-popular St. Patrick’s Day. Here are a few creations that provide a little change from the classic corned beef and cabbage dish.

Panil Birra Artigianale From the Source by

There are still unknown beers and craft breweries out there that are slowly emerging to find a following in America. Take the new craft beers being produced in a country not typically thought of when it comes to beer: Italy.

Fresh ALT-ernatives: Düsseldorf’s Sessionable Specialty Feature by

While lagers and German Pilsners reign supreme in most areas of the country, Altbier accounts for almost half the beer consumed in Düsseldorf, and local Altbier breweries and quaint brewpubs churn out surprising volumes of the antique style.

Denver / Boulder Destinations by

In many ways, the Denver/Boulder region is the capital of the modern craft brewing renaissance. Whether in their kitchens or their brewhouses, the brewers of the area have been pushing craft beer forward for more than three decades.

The Economics of Your Pint Last Call by

Daniel Lanigan of the Moan and Dove discusses the entire business at work behind your favorite pint and its price.