Stack-Cup Me Up!

Innovation by | Jul 2012 | Issue #66

This month’s innovation was inspired by a pair of beer-soaked jeans. Marc Cocci was attending a concert in South Africa when he had a mishap bringing beer back to his friends during the show. That got him thinking that there must be a better, less disaster-prone model for schlepping glasses of beer around. He got his father, Gian Cocci, into the idea, and 18 months later, Stack-Cup was born.

This international product uses a patented system that allows each BPA-free cup to stack onto another in a spiral pattern, thanks to the ingenious handle mechanism. Because each one is meant to bear the weight of others, plus the precious nectar inside, the Stack-Cups’ beauty lies in their strength. They are made of durable, injection-molded, food-grade polypropylene that’s commercial dishwasher and freezer safe. They also come in different sizes—16 ounce, 20 ounce (500mL), 22 ounce and 24 ounce (700mL).

How many cups can a Stack-Cupper stack if a Stack-Cupper could Stack-Cups? At press time, the record for most Stack-Cups stacked and served was 24—with no spillage.

“We will certainly be hosting events to improve this number,” says Michael Ward, who owns rights to the Stack-Cups in the United States, adding that the company’s main goal is to replace disposable cups at concessionary stands, arenas, bars, festivals and the like. “This goal is not only born out of the passion to provide a quality product and a great service to our patrons,” Ward says, “but to eradicate the blight of disposable cups that are causing environmental problems.”

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