BeerAdvocate magazine #66

Resistance is Futile Beer Smack by

Since BeerAdvocate magazine launched, we’ve been inundated with requests to offer a digital version of it. Perhaps it’s time to let go a bit and give in.

Beer News News by

Chicago’s Baderbräu Pilsner resurrected after 10 years; Wyoming breweries collaborate on official state beer; Molson Coors purchase of StarBev approved by EEC; and new legislation in Alabama, New York and Virginia.

Beer & Ingredients II, The Ultimate Beer Ingredient Guide, What Does What Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Beer & Ingredients II, The Ultimate Beer Ingredient Guide, What Does What.

Apéritif #2 Kindred Spirits by

An effervescent drink inspired by a dish at The Catbird Seat in Nashville that needed a pairing: a raw abalone course that involved sour beer as part of the sauce.

Stack-Cup Me Up! Innovation by

A concert-going mishap inspired the invention of the Stack-Cup, a durable, injection-molded, food-grade polypropylene beer container that’s commercial dishwasher and freezer safe.

Glaucus Belgian-style IPA by Pipeworks Brewing Co. Label Approval by

The mythological art on Pipeworks’ Glaucus Belgian-style IPA can be traced back to a cartography exhibit at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

Highland Brewing Co. Brick & Mortar by

Highland Brewing Co. now encompasses 70,000 square-feet on the eastern edge of Asheville, N.C., quite a step up from the 3,500 square-feet in the downtown basement under Barley’s Pizzeria & Taproom, where the brewery started in 1994.

Craft Beer Attitude Adjustment Unfiltered by

Often aloof, superior and snobbish, new-era craft beer bars exude a growing sense of entitlement, celebrating a self-reverential state of being. They are more about fronting a sort of better-than-you, punk-rock attitude than actually providing a place where customers can feel welcome to sit down and have a few pints.

Arctic Ale History by the Glass by

In 1852, Samuel Allsopp brewed a strong beer for Captain Belcher’s expedition to the Arctic. A beer that wouldn’t freeze easily was pretty handy. With all that alcohol, it must have warmed the sailors up, too. Who needs a fire when you’ve an 11-percent ABV beer?

Pantry Panic BYOB by

Sometimes you must snatch greatness from the jaws of “whoops.” Last summer, while teaching a brewing class, I lost focus and the mash got lightly scorched. To save the day, I turned to my “brewer’s pantry.”

Mexican-Style Paletas Cooking with Beer by

What’s better than an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day? A frozen beersicle. Start with an IPA, a Sour, a Porter or a Stout, add ripe fruit or cocoa nibs, maybe some coconut milk, cream, and a touch of sweetener, and you have Paletas.

Fire Up Your Fourth of July with a Semi-Patriotic Party Party-Gyle by

Fireworks, flags, barbecue and beer. If there’s one time to party, it’s the Fourth of July. Show off a little patriotic spirit by focusing on all-American craft ales, celebrating the country’s colorful brewing heritage. Red Ales, blueberry beers, and Wits, perhaps?

The Hay Merchant in Houston, Texas Barkeep by

Houston’s quickly growing craft scene requires that new establishments find ways to stand out amidst increasingly stiff competition. Hay Merchant’s superlative is an exotic, quickly rotating cask program.

Phil Wymore of Perennial Artisan Ales Going Pro by

Phil Wymore has made the most of his experience, parlaying stints at Goose Island and Half Acre into his own St. Louis startup, Perennial Artisan Ales.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse From the Source by

Once upon a time, in a distant land known as Northern Colorado, two homebrewers decided that 5-gallon batches weren’t enough. So, with a little knowledge and a lot of courage, the duo set out on an adventure destined to change their lives.

Portsmouth, N.H. & Kittery, Maine Destinations by

The Portsmouth Brewery and it sister brewery Smuttynose just a few miles away already made Portsmouth, N.H. a craft beer destination, but the scene has improved even more in the past few years. More adventurous tap lists also lie just across the river in Kittery, Maine.

Location Location Location: How Craft Breweries Are Shifting the Definition of Local Feature by

For many breweries, a regional, cultural identity fosters the brand’s wider appeal. Paradoxically, that popularity might dilute the brand by requiring a large-scale production model that precludes ties to its regional roots—something expanding breweries keep in mind.

Lab Report: The Science of Tasting Beers Feature by

Tasting panels are trained by smelling the chemical aroma standards responsible for each flavor—as beer geeks know, banana flavor is isoamyl acetate and butter is diacetyl—in decreasing dilutions. They taste the isolated chemicals added to polyethylene glycol until small amounts can be detected.

Hugh Sisson, Founder and Owner, Clipper City Brewing Co. Last Call by

Hugh Sisson has a lot on his mind: the growler bill he just passed through the Maryland Legislature, the 550 firkins sitting in his brewery and his robust (and expensive) barrel-aging program—not to mention his recent brand makeover.