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Wares by | Aug 2007 | Issue #8

As beer lovers and fest organizers, we’ve dealt with a slew of contraptions designed to tap and serve kegs of beer—from cheapo hand pumps, to multi-tap jockey boxes and cold plates. Obviously, anything that pumps oxygen into your keg is bad; converted coolers can be expensive, bulky, temperamental and leaky if not well maintained; and other solutions have been gimmicky at best.

Thankfully, Leland Ltd. has a great solution that’s lightweight, versatile, and easy to store, operate and maintain. The Leland CO2 PicnicTap is produced with the same high-quality metal components found with other keg equipment and is powered by a disposable, triple-filtered CO2 cartridge (99.97 percent pure). The standard version is fitted with a US sankey coupler, but others are available for use with European, Hoff Stevens, Bass and German keg couplers.

We tested six of them during our American Beer Fest and found that, initially, we were over-carbonating the kegs; but a quick pull of the keg’s release valve and an easy twist of the CO2 gauge to a low setting allowed us to adjust and immediately start pouring perfect samples of beer. Now that we’ve got the hang of them, we’re considering replacing all of our jockey boxes with PicnicTaps.

Leland’s consumer site sells the kit, which comes with the tap and two CO2 canisters, plus a two-year warranty on all metal parts and a 90-day warranty on the rest. Though it’s well worth the investment, shop around first—you can find the same kit for nearly $60 cheaper at sites like KegWorks.com.

[$229 per kit at mrfizz.com

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