BeerAdvocate magazine #8

Craft Beer is Going to Fade Beer Smack by

This so-called “resurgence” of craft beer is not a new trend or fad.

Beer News News by

What’s new in beer, a Belgian bottle shortage to organic hops and beer on the Hill.

Lager Heads at Loggerheads Unfiltered by

In America, India Pale Ales, Weizens and stouts are ubiquitous; bocks, Dortmunders and Marzens are not.

Jamil Zainasheff: Home-Schooled Brewer Schools Homebrewers BYOB by

Home brewers can take a lesson from Zainasheff’s brewing experience simply by brewing often, learning the ingredients, entering competitions and paying attention to what others are telling them.

Baltic Porter: Strong Yet Smooth Style Profile by

At first glance, it’s hard to tell the difference between the stout and the porter; but collect a few bottles, let them warm to about 50 degrees, and you begin to appreciate the range.

Brian “Spike” Buckowski of Terrapin Beer Company Going Pro by

Just six months after their launch, Terrapin struck gold at the 2002 Great American Beer Festival: The only beer in their line, Rye Pale Ale, bested 92 other beers and took the gold medal as the country’s best American Pale Ale.

Leland CO2 PicnicTap Wares by

As beer lovers and fest organizers, we’ve dealt with a slew of contraptions designed to tap and serve kegs of beer—from cheapo hand pumps, to multi-tap jockey boxes and cold plates.

Beer Inventions Innovation by

A jaunt through the archives of the US Patent and Trade Office reveals thousands of beer-related processes, recipes, devices, widgets, gewgaws and other various and sundry inventions.

Cellaring, Glassware and Cold Beer Ask the Beer Geek by

Cellaring Beer 101; Glassware for Beer 101; and what’s up with chillin’ those ales?

Six-Packs for Soldiers Advocate This by

Six Packs for Soldiers is a “beer-partisan” campaign with a single goal: Buy America’s soldiers a beer.

Profiles in Beer Feature by

A salute to eight of our top players—folks who pretty much live beer. Raise a glass to these badass BAs—just make sure it’s the proper one.

Grilliant: Summer Burgers that Nod to Belgium Cooking with Beer by

This burger is inspired by the Trappist monks of Belgium—who are very choosy when it comes to their grain, hops, and yeast.

Vermont! Destinations by

Fuel Vermont’s famed hiking, golfing, boating and fishing activities with these local beer offerings.

No Last Call Last Call by

Despite the tattoos, the piercings and the mutual appreciation of quality beverages, and despite the fact that they’re mainly terrific folks, coffee people just aren’t like us.