Author: Michael Brodeur

Michael Brodeur is a culture writer at the Boston Globe.

Brew U Feature by

Whether you’re a first-time brewer or a pro honing your chops, there’s always more to learn. Here’s how to go from the back of the bar to the head of the class, from a round-up of top brewing schools, to books for learning more about beer and some tips for becoming a better beer advocate.

Profiles in Beer Feature by

A salute to eight of our top players—folks who pretty much live beer. Raise a glass to these badass BAs—just make sure it’s the proper one.

Beer: It’s What’s for Dinner Feature by

The notion of cooking with beer has certainly overcome taboo, but it has yet to completely trounce its reputation as being unfit for food. Five of the country’s best beer chefs share their recipes.

Lovin’ from the Oven Cooking with Beer by

In brewing, it’s the yeast, as we know, that turns sugars into our beloved alcohol; in beer bread, this alcohol is burned off in the baking process, but the end result is an extremely practical bread that perfectly captures the slight sweetness and yeasty, malty appeal of beer.

Bittersweet Symphony Cooking with Beer by

Chocolate lovers and the chocolatiers who make them melt are discovering the unique compatibility between chocolate and beer.

Glass Ceiling: The Quest for the Perfect Pint Hall of Fame by

Designed to shake martinis, the humdrum, standard-issue pint glass seems woefully inadequate as beer’s catch-all vessel. So Jim Koch hired a company to come up with a solution.

You’re Soaking in It Cooking with Beer by

A little sacrifice from the fridge can pay off big-time on the grill with beer-based marinades.

O.G. Beer Geek: Why We’ve Got Nothing on Anton, the Original BeerAdvocate Hall of Fame by

Anton Schwarz, the Bohemian immigrant and editor of The American Brewer until his death in 1895, racked up more geek cred in a few years than any of us could in a lifetime.

When It Pours, It Reigns Innovation by

When a young engineering whiz named Matthew Younkle grew fed up with waiting for beer, he didn’t cut the line, he hit the drawing board.

Adoring Publick Cooking with Beer by

At Boston’s Publick House, beer turns up everywhere: in sauces, in condiments and dressings, and as a marinade. Try your hand at adding flavor to chili with Stone’s Arrogant Bastard Ale.

Joly Moly! Cooking with Beer by

For us regular folk, cooking with beer has always been fair game. A few cans of Bud may serve as a delicious, industry-standard sauce for simmering fresh mussels; and any ale can lend a comforting, yeasty tang to a sturdy loaf of beer bread.

Artful Openings: A Celebration of Beer’s Many Tabs Hall of Fame by

Every time a can of beer is cracked open, it spits out a little bit of history. The can—our handy, standard, aluminum homie—has enjoyed a long and manifold history.