It’s All Fizzics

Innovation by | Jan 2016 | Issue #108

Draft beer is undeniably a treat, but until now, it’s been hard to have it anywhere and anytime you want it, unless you have an expensive and bulky kegerator at home. Fizzics is about to change all that. This personal beer dispenser creates a fresh-from-the-tap experience from any bottle, can or growler.

To reinvigorate your beer, open the lid, place your opened beverage container into the canister, placing the tube inside. When you close the lid and pull the tap handle forward, the canister pressurizes, pushing the beer down and up through the tube. A digital microcontroller maintains as much carbonation in the beer as possible. Once the glass is two-thirds full, pushing the handle backward causes sound waves to chop each bubble of carbonation into 100, creating a dense, creamy head.

A crowdfunding darling, Fizzics was 100 percent funded within 24 hours of its launch last May on IndieGoGo. And now it’s available for retail exclusively at Brookstone.

“There’s great public interest for a device that provides the cachet of wine and spirits for beer, without the complexity and high cost of a commercial tap system in their home,” says Fizzics founder and CEO Philip Petracca, who developed the product with Roger An and David McDonald. “Fizzics is challenging the status quo on beer dispensing, ushering in focused technology to improve the experience, flavor and taste of beer.”

The dispenser runs on four AA batteries, so there’s no need for charging or finding an electrical outlet. It doesn’t use any extra cartridges, filters or chemicals, and it weighs 3.5 pounds, making it an easy companion for tailgating, camping or a gathering at a friend’s house for the game. Get it for $169.99 at