Gardening for the Homebrewer

Shelf Talker by | Apr 2016 | Issue #111

Gardening for the Homebrewer: Grow and Process Plants for Making Beer, Wine, Gruit, Cider, Perry and More
by Wendy Tweten and Debbie Teashon
Voyageur Press
September 2015, $21.99

Sanitizing is to brewing as siting and watering is to gardening. Remember this, say authors Wendy Tweten and Debbie Teashon, and your garden will be ripe for fermenting in no time. Gardening for the Homebrewer is full of these pep talks for the greenhorns among us. The authors start us out with the basics: which tools to buy, which plants to grow. Then we get a primer on growing and processing hops and barley (enough to get started, anyway). But what makes Gardening great is the chapters on growing other fermentables—from gruit herbs, like yarrow, lavender and juniper, to cucurbits, the key to those Cucumber Saisons and Pumpkin Ales. Homegrown fruits and berries will give wines, ciders, liqueurs and perry (pear cider) a kick. Throughout the book, they break down the entire process for each plant, from spacing to pruning and harvesting, letting you bring the farmhouse brewing trend to your own backyard.