A World Without Whalez

Beer Smack by | Jul 2016 | Issue #114
Illustration by Joren Cull

Imagine a world without whalez. No, not the marine mammal, but those elusive beers that require people to stand in line or trade their firstborn in order to obtain a taste and some humblebrags on social media. You know who you are.

We witnessed such a world at our Microbrew Invitational event last month, wherein we carefully curated a diverse lineup of small brewers and challenged them each to bring a brew to debut at the fest. And it was glorious. Aside from the surprise line or two, there was no waiting. None. Attendees were able to explore the lineup, talk to brewers and try new things. There wasn’t a bad beer in the house either. Better yet, we didn’t end up with a crowd full of whale hunters.

Sure, the fest was smallish (over 70 brewers), but it was a snapshot of the diversity and creativity found throughout today’s beer industry. And with nearly two breweries opening every day in the US and thousands more in planning, there’s much more of it to come.

Our point? Far too many of you are obsessed with a handful of brewers who create hype. Don’t get sucked in, try this instead: Stop hunting for whalez. Skip the next rare bottle release. Walk past the next line at a fest. Use your saved time to try something new or unfamiliar and then talk about it, because you’re definitely missing out otherwise.

Respect Beer.