Taking a Beer Break

Beer Smack by | Apr 2017 | Issue #123
Illustration by Thom Glick

It might sound silly or even sacrilegious to some, but the concept of taking a break from beer has been a frequently asked question in our forums since the late ’90s. Those who posed the question were often met with snark, but we’ve noticed a growing movement of beer geeks who now support and practice the act of temporarily abstaining from beer. It’s not a bad idea, and here’s why:

Mental and Palate Fatigue
We’re overwhelmed with options and flavors these days, and many seemingly exciting trends can quickly become samey and boring. A break not only helps to reset the palate, it can also heighten your appreciation and perception when you return to beer.

Weight Loss
It’s no secret: Beer contains calories. And depending on the serving size, style, and alcohol level, we’re talking anywhere from around 100 (light) to 300 (strong) or more calories per 12-ounce serving. Add multiple beers to your daily caloric intake from food, and then the unavoidable beer munchies, and you’ll be packing on the pounds in no time. For some, a break is a prudent and necessary step toward getting their weight under control.

Saving Money
Buying beer isn’t cheap today. If you’re a hoarder or beer trader, forget about it, you’ve probably already sunk a small fortune into your personal cellar. Taking a break could result in saving hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars a year. It’s a no brainer.

A beer break isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. It can range from reducing your intake, designating drinking days throughout the week, or complete abstinence for a period of time. Drinking basic lagers is another option if you just want to reset your palate. Ultimately, giving your mind, palate, and wallet some form of a breather is highly beneficial.

Respect Beer. 

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