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Mississippi Rising: Long Limited by Restrictive Laws, Magnolia State Breweries Finally See Promise Feature by

In 2011 there was just one craft brewery in Mississippi. Today, the state ranks 51st in breweries per capita. We set out on a four-day road trip to learn more about the young beer scene.

Beer in 2018, As It Was Foretold Beer Smack by

We recently gazed into our Magic 8 Ball and asked, “What will 2018 bring to the wonderful world of beer?” To which it replied, “Outlook hazy, try again.”

Finding a Happy Medium Unfiltered by

As pricing for craft brands reaches its outer limits, growth is starting to slow, pushing beer buyers and consumers to take another look at value brands.

The Wholly Sensible Concept of Half Pours Unfiltered by

How the schnitt, a German phrase for a half-pour, could bridge the American gap between tiny samplers and the standard 16-ounce shaker pint.

Taking a Beer Break Beer Smack by

It might sound silly or even sacrilegious to some, but the concept of taking a break from beer has been a frequently asked question in our forums since the late ’90s.

Higher Prices, Brighter Futures? The Changing Landscape of Beer Retail Feature by

As craft brewers push to distinguish themselves from Big Beer, revenue from higher-priced premium beers is increasing faster than any other craft segment. Will that make the $8 six-pack a thing of the past?

The Dark Side Unfiltered by

From Reddit threads to in-person auctions, the increasing commodification of rare beer is something to celebrate and fear. The long heralded accessibility of beer remains one of its most favorable traits.

Long Live the Shaker Pint! Beer Smack by

We’d love to see more bars move to the British nonic pint, a 20-ounce container that leaves plenty of room for some proper head. Not only do they look cool, they’re inexpensive, versatile and nobody hates them yet.

Green Acres Behind the Bines by

If craft production is going to double in the next few years—per the Brewers Association’s goal of a 20 percent sales share by 2020—farmers will need to plant and harvest about another 18,000 acres of hops just to meet demand from craft brewers.

Growing Pains Beer Smack by

At its current growth rate, there’s more than one small brewery opening every day in the US, with many existing breweries experiencing double- and triple-digit growth.

Does Your Local Support Its Locale? Beer Smack by

But what’s driving us nuts lately are those who expect your support simply because they’re “craft” and “local.” But how many local brewers actually support their locale?

Beer Cultism Unfiltered by

Cultism is giving beer a bad name and is driving a wedge between brewers, beer lovers and a certain class of scarcity-seeking tickers.

“Our Sources Say …” Beer Smack by

Most save their predictions for December and January, but we wound up channeling our beer spirit guides a bit early.

The Return of Generic Beer. Sort of. Beer Smack by

Despite how it tastes, mark our words. The return of “generic” cheap beer is coming. In fact, it’s already here.

“Pay No More Than …” Beer Smack by

One of the biggest growing complaints from users on our site is price gouging. Unfortunately, there’s not much we consumers can do about this, except act with our wallets—or rather, not act with them.

The Blind Side Unfiltered by

While beer is a social beverage that is meant to be enjoyed in good company, it helps to occasionally step back and inspect the foundations of our beer knowledge and beliefs.

“Buy Low” in Beer Stock Exchange Innovation by

While the real stock market might be a buzzkill, these two concept bars are not just serving up good prices in a down economy, they are letting customers forget their real investment woes and feel once again like they are riding high.

Three Threads Three Threads by

BeerAdvocate.com users share what they think of rising prices for six-packs and the recent advent of four-packs.

Beer News News by

Beer helps prevent osteoporosis; 5 Seasons uses rainwater for brewing; Kettle House collaborates on beer-flavored ice cream; and AB-InBev and Miller-Coors raise prices.

Is (Quality) Beer Recession Proof? Feature by

The phrase “recession proof” is a heavy one, but it’s been following beer and the beer industry around for generations. The only problem with this is that the beer industry isn’t buying it.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Mike Stevens, Shane Welch and Greg Koch weigh in on current craft beer prices, and how they affect the consumer.

Beer News News by

Possible Guinness relocation; InBev plans price hikes; Goose Island to close flagship pub; Denver’s first Mexican-style craft beers; Magic Hat to purchase Pyramid; and European beer drinking analyzed.

Pay No More Than $5! Beer Smack by

The growing trend by bars and restaurants to drop beers into 10–12-ounce glasses—and intentional short pours—is literally killing our chances of getting a proper red, white and blue 16-ounce pour of brew.

Sayonara, Joe Sixpack? Last Call by

If we see the value in a $5 cup of coffee, a $50 bottle of wine, or a $2 bottle of water, how can we not see value in a $10 barrel-aged beer or a $9 handcrafted six-pack from a small, local brewery?