Does Your Local Support Its Locale?

Beer Smack by | Jun 2012 | Issue #65

It’s no surprise—we like beer. We also like craft beer. And we also like local craft beer. Not blindly, of course. If the quality of the product is solid and the people behind it are cool, the beer will get our support without anyone even asking for it. But what’s driving us nuts lately are those who expect your support simply because they’re “craft” and “local.” And we’ve all heard that rally cry, too: “Support local craft beer!”

Don’t get us wrong—it’s important to support quality local products. However, recently, we’ve begun asking ourselves: How many local brewers actually support their locale?

Are they …
• Purchasing local ingredients when possible?
• Brewing locally versus outsourcing production to a contract brewer?
• Meeting local demand before extending to distant, outside markets?
• Ensuring their beer is high quality, fresh and fairly priced in the market?
• Fighting to change laws when needed?
• Active within the local beer community?

These are important questions to ask as more and more breweries vie for our monetary support, and while the price of craft beer continues to rise for consumers. In order to sustain this growth, and justify price increases, we believe it’s essential that everyone supports their locale as much as they can.

Respect Beer.