BeerAdvocate magazine #65

Does Your Local Support Its Locale? Beer Smack by

But what’s driving us nuts lately are those who expect your support simply because they’re “craft” and “local.” But how many local brewers actually support their locale?

Beer News News by

Shelton Brothers: The Bane of New York Breweries?; Diageo Pressures BII to Bamboozle BrewDog; Shipping Beer via USPS Now Allowed; Michigan Brewing Company Losing Ground; and Tragedy Strikes Redhook.

The Homebrew Handbook: 75 Recipes for the Aspiring Backyard Brewer Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading The Homebrew Handbook: 75 Recipes for the Aspiring Backyard Brewer.

The Bitter End Kindred Spirits by

A refreshing beer cocktail made with Bitter, gin, celery bitters, and crème de peche.

On the Nose Innovation by

With its distinctive shape, the Offero line of glassware makes it easy to capture the aromas of beer while also making a statement at any table or place setting.

Cinco Años Plum Market Anniversary Ale by Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales Label Approval by

Artist Adam Forman created the spooky imagery that’s been part of the brewery’s identity since it opened in 2004—from their toothy jack-o’-lantern logo to creepy scarecrows and pumpkin-patch graveyards.

Check Your Business Strategy Early and Often The Business of Beer by

From the initial stages of business planning onward, brewery owners are forced to make difficult decisions that affect the direction of their business. Successfully navigating these choices relies upon having a clearly defined vision and strategy.

A New World Order for Craft Unfiltered by

With dozens of breweries now producing more than 100,000 barrels per year and employing dozens if not hundreds of employees, we’re on the precipice of a new era of competitiveness.

Irish Porter History by the Glass by

The evolution and slow divergence of Irish Porter from the London original is a story that’s been repeated across the world. Displace a beer and, like a plant, it will adapt to its new environment.

Crazy Homebrew BYOB by

Apparently, stupid people miss the original (pre-legally-neutered) Four Loko. For these people, released a recipe involving energy tablets, malt liquor, vodka and Kool-Aid. But we are homebrewers—we can do better!

Mexican Tortas with Beery Fillings Cooking with Beer by

The sandwich: great bread, fresh and delicious ingredients layered together in a thoughtful order, giving way to texture and spices, all composed to pleasure the palate. Mexican Tortas accomplish just that.

Turn Your Backyard Into a Biergarten Party-Gyle by

Here are five simple steps to transforming your yard, deck or any outdoor space you can camp out on into a welcoming, biergarten-esque atmosphere.

Hopleaf in Chicago, Illinois Barkeep by

The craft beer scene in Chicago was a bit behind in 1992. But with a bar like Hopleaf and emerging craft brewers popping up, things began to turn around.

Edward Westbrook of Westbrook Brewing Company Going Pro by

Good beer has flourished since South Carolina lifted its cap on beer alcohol content, and Edward Westbrook’s Mt. Pleasant brewery has been at the heart of it.

Crossroads Brewing Co. From the Source by

Forget all the normal hassles of starting a brewery—Ken Landin and Janine Bennett first had to rehab a historical Athens, N.Y., landmark after purchasing the building in October 2009.

Brooklyn, New York Destinations by

Since Mayor Rudy Giuliani cut the ribbon on the first Brooklyn brewery in 20 years in May 1996, the borough has fully embraced the microbrew revolution, spawning five more breweries and scores of craft beer pubs.

Brick by Brick: Breweries Contribute to Neighborhood Revivals Feature by

It’s difficult to quantify the effect breweries have on their neighborhoods. But there’s no doubt that breweries are a part of the positive feedback loop that leads to neighborhood development.

Stories from the Road: The Unheralded Boys of Beer Sales Keep the Suds (and Stories) Flowing Feature by

Beer sales is a world that’s defined by the dueling currents of competition and collaboration. Competition for tap lines; collaboration for lifelines.

Jim Ebel, Father of Jim and Jason Ebel, Co-founders of Two Brothers Brewing Co. Last Call by

Brothers Jim and Jason Ebel opened Two Brothers Brewing in 1997 as a family affair. Jim set up a distribution company out of his Ford Bronco. And on weekends, family and friends would bottle, label and package the beers.