On the Nose

Innovation by | Jun 2012 | Issue #65

Even the most novice beer advocate understands the significant role aroma plays in the flavor of beer. Indeed, one of the first things a fledgling beer lover learns is how to appreciate the aroma of a beer before even tasting it.

With its distinctive—and stunningly beautiful—shape, the Offero line of glassware makes it easy to capture the aromas of beer (or wine, spirits, even coffee) while also making a statement at any table or place setting. One side of the glass is cupped with a lip that’s higher than the other side, much like a cupped hand would be placed over a glass to allow the aromas to collect near the nose. Raise the lower end of the glass to your lips, and the higher end prevents the aromas from escaping out the top, encouraging them to collect right around your olfactory glands.

“The glass really cradles your face, giving you the optimum position and coverage to receive your drinks’ aromas,” says Offero founder Mitch Bangert, who was inspired during a tasting at a Golden, Colo., coffee shop. “The nose, or aroma, is what brings the most pleasure while drinking, especially with craft beers, coffee, spirits, etc. So I asked why I couldn’t build the ‘cupped hand’ function right into cups and glasses,” Bangert says.

He did, and the Offero line, which includes coffee cups and bowls, as well as the stemmed and stem-less glassware, is already winning awards for its innovation. Get more details on the entire line at theoffero.com