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Congress at Home: Basic Malt Evaluation for Homebrewers BYOB by

Using simple tools on hand in most kitchens, homebrewers can assess the quality of new malts by following this at-home congress mash technique.

Suffering Samplers Beer Smack by

Too many taprooms put too much focus into the sampler paddle, which is often more impressive than the beers themselves.

Märzen Madness Innovation by

Indianapolis friends Ryan Coyle and Mike Sale created Brew Bracket to be a “beer tasting party in a box.” The idea started in 2011, when they founded a 400-person beer-tasting tournament in Indiana.=–km

Turn Up the Hops Innovation by

Think of the packets as mini beer Randalls. Bobby Gattuso, who studied biology in college, invented Hop Theory beer sachets as a way to enhance beers and start conversations about different flavors in beer.

The Limits of Taste Beer Smack by

As it applies to reviewing beer, far too many people lack the attention span to read or write anything longer than a tweet. They react to clickbait headlines without reading, would rather tick beers and move on, and take as fact any information that’s delivered to them immediately in blurb or list format.

CapSnap Innovation by

CapSnap is a free smartphone app that helps beer drinkers keep tabs on the beers they drink with personal ratings and other details via a collection of bottle caps created by the user for each beer. It’s a lot like Pinterest for beer lovers.

Craft Beer World: A Guide to Over 350 of the Finest Beers Known to Man Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Craft Beer World: A Guide to Over 350 of the Finest Beers Known to Man.

Lab Report: The Science of Tasting Beers Feature by

Tasting panels are trained by smelling the chemical aroma standards responsible for each flavor—as beer geeks know, banana flavor is isoamyl acetate and butter is diacetyl—in decreasing dilutions. They taste the isolated chemicals added to polyethylene glycol until small amounts can be detected.

On the Nose Innovation by

With its distinctive shape, the Offero line of glassware makes it easy to capture the aromas of beer while also making a statement at any table or place setting.

Not Being There The Politics of Beer by

While many of the world’s interesting beers are imported to the US, most are not. And those that do arrive can be in a condition bearing little relation to their true nature. Better understanding comes from visiting them at home.

Fighting Beer Fatigue Unfiltered by

After a few years of trying new beers, every beer lover hits a wall. Beer fatigue can strike anywhere. In these circumstances, the most effective approach is perhaps the least intuitive: Just take a break.

How to Be a Beer Fest Pro Beer Smack by

These beer fest survival tips could mean the difference between having an epic time… and a “fail” time.

In Praise of Ordinary Lunatics The Politics of Beer by

The race to become the first person ever to try, record, describe and rate 20,000 different beers is heating up.

Website Could Become “Pandora of Beer” Innovation by

Pintley is similar to the Pandora and Netflix models, and is intended to encourage the ever-expanding palates of craft beer lovers.

The Blind Side Unfiltered by

While beer is a social beverage that is meant to be enjoyed in good company, it helps to occasionally step back and inspect the foundations of our beer knowledge and beliefs.

Objectively Better Beer Unfiltered by

What if taste, either in preferred beverage, music or art, is not subject to opinion but instead can be objectively quantified and judged?

Fighting Taste Blindness Unfiltered by

At its best, beer employs the often forsaken arts of subtlety and nuance, all while presenting itself in a straightforward and easily understood fashion.

33 Beers Innovation by

At a mere 3.5 by 5 inches, it slips into the back pocket of a pair of jeans or shorts perfectly, and handy checkboxes and lines help you organize the information on each beer you taste.

Brew U Feature by

Whether you’re a first-time brewer or a pro honing your chops, there’s always more to learn. Here’s how to go from the back of the bar to the head of the class, from a round-up of top brewing schools, to books for learning more about beer and some tips for becoming a better beer advocate.

Dr. Tung’s Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner Wares by

Remove bacteria on the tongue that impacts how we taste beer.