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Ashleigh Carter, Co-founder and Head Brewer, Bierstadt Lagerhaus Going Pro by

At Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Denver, Ashleigh Carter turns out the traditional German lagers she loves drinking on an Old World copper brewhouse, and asks beer drinkers to come along for the ride.

Remembering How to Enjoy Beer Unfiltered by

Rather than futilely trying to sample every available beer, drinkers should enjoy them the way the brewer intended: a full glass, pint, or half-liter at a time.

Beer Meets Big Data with Glassify Innovation by

Glassify turns the bottom of a pint glass into a mini-computer that’s able to interact with a mobile device via a chip inserted during the manufacturing process and offer tailor-made deals through the Glassify app.

Suffering Samplers Beer Smack by

Too many taprooms put too much focus into the sampler paddle, which is often more impressive than the beers themselves.

Long Live the Shaker Pint! Beer Smack by

We’d love to see more bars move to the British nonic pint, a 20-ounce container that leaves plenty of room for some proper head. Not only do they look cool, they’re inexpensive, versatile and nobody hates them yet.

Metulczki: A Painter of Beer in Leipzig, Germany For Love of the Craft by

Done in acrylic, the series of paintings employs the classical glaze technique, using multiple layers of both paint and shellac. The result is a sharp, photo-like painting of a brightly illuminated glass of beer that almost seems to be glowing.

Pretentious Beer Glasses Innovation by

Need something that promises to take your beer drinking devotion to a whole new level? That’s the idea behind the Pretentious Beer Glass Co., a Kentucky-based company that offers several handcrafted beer glasses in different shapes for different styles of beer.

Beer Glassware: Friend or Foe? Beer Smack by

We’ve noticed that glassware for beer often becomes more important than the beer itself. This form of snobbery is arguably bad for beer as a whole, making it less approachable for some and removing the focus from the beer.

Beer in the Next Haab Beer Smack by

From shaker pints to mergers, some predictions for the beer industry in 2013.

Beer News News by

Study claims glassware shape affects drinking speed; White House releases homebrew recipes; North American Breweries reportedly for sale; Carlton & United learns not to mess with success; and Pennsylvania craft brew pioneer Tom Pastorius passes away.

Married, With Beer Party-Gyle by

Beer has been integral to weddings and other festivities throughout history, much more so than champagne. In fact, the word “bridal” derives from “bride ale.”

Turn Your Backyard Into a Biergarten Party-Gyle by

Here are five simple steps to transforming your yard, deck or any outdoor space you can camp out on into a welcoming, biergarten-esque atmosphere.

On the Nose Innovation by

With its distinctive shape, the Offero line of glassware makes it easy to capture the aromas of beer while also making a statement at any table or place setting.

In Loving Memory… Beer Smack by

The American Shaker Pint Glass, sometimes called “Conical,” but lovingly just “Shaker,” died recently due to unknown causes.

Getting Silly for Silipint Innovation by

Made of 100-percent food-grade silicone, the Silipint is dishwasher safe, as well as freezer, microwave and oven safe—not that you’d ever want to heat your beer in an oven, but it might come in handy for some wassail in the winter.

The Beer Show Unfiltered by

Beer service, when done right, can certainly put on a good show and captivate its audience. Such delivery, with proper glassware, thoughtful pours, and a touch of caring and flare, causes heads to turn and customers to ask what that lucky guy or gal is drinking.

I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass The Politics of Beer by

The development of the “safer” beer glass is a response to an alleged UK annual total of 87,000 violent incidents involving glass, an undisclosed proportion of which features pubs and pint pots.

Expanding Craft Beer’s Reach Unfiltered by

Amidst the accolades and successes, we in the industry should constantly be on the lookout for new ways to invite beer drinkers to the craft beer party.

Beer News News by

Burger King to serve beer at new concept; the fight for world’s strongest beer continues; F.X. Matt Brewing rescues Flying Bison; and British pubs to get new, safer glasses.

Slammin’ Coors Light Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek talks Coors Light.

The Visual Power of Beer Unfiltered by

Bars should select a half dozen different glass styles, each with the qualities necessary to present their beers in the best lights, thus encouraging sales with the corresponding head-turns and matching the expectations of their customers for honest pints, tulips and snifters.

Are Chilled Glasses Taboo? Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek speaks on the chilled glass debate.

In Search of a Proper Pint Innovation by

In this age of economic downturn, it seems more people are becoming increasingly concerned that they receive their money’s worth, and beer does not escape this new focus.

Beer Wares Wares by

The beer belt, USB mini fridge, and recycled glassware.