Beer in the Next Haab

Beer Smack by | Dec 2012 | Issue #71

In issue #57 (October 2011), we made several 2012 beer predictions that came true. (Too many to list here, so you’ll have to dig into your BA mag archives.) But let’s not dwell on the past; let’s celebrate our survival, as we enter the next baktun and take a look at what 2013 may have in store for beer.

• The “bubble” that everyone is talking about won’t pop, because there isn’t one. That said, the game is about to get tougher. More players, strained resources, increases in costs and consumers demanding higher quality as beer prices continue to rise will challenge some.

• More well-known craft breweries will be bought out, merged or be part of equity for distribution rights deals.

• Since “craft beer” has been reduced to a meaningless and overused marketing term, small brewers who actually brew their beer by hand (versus a hand on a mouse) will latch onto “handcrafted” as their preferred buzzword of choice.

• Despite all of the Q4 2012 hate toward the American shaker pint, it’ll survive another year as the preferred serving vessel for beer as they continue to be inexpensive, stackable and versatile.

• Hoppy American Wheat Ales, not to be confused with the White IPA, will bring some life to the otherwise relatively boring, wannabe-a-Hefeweizen, American Wheat Ale.

• There will be an exponential growth of 21-year-olds who have no desire to drink beer from macrobreweries, and will join the growing ranks of people who hate things they’ve never tried because they were told by someone else to hate them.

• We’ll see a stronger backlash toward those who take themselves and craft beer too seriously.

• Anheuser-Busch InBev will keep struggling to find its place in the growing craft beer segment as they continue to diversify their brands in a constant battle to appease shareholders by any means necessary.

BA readers will finally begin to understand Trouble Brewing by Arne Frantzell.

Yuengling will finally distribute in Massachusetts, with Dick Yuengling personally delivering the first case of Lager to us in Boston.

• We’ll finally launch a mobile version of … well, at least a beta version.

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