BeerAdvocate magazine #71

Beer in the Next Haab Beer Smack by

From shaker pints to mergers, some predictions for the beer industry in 2013.

Beer News News by

New York’s brewers & wholesalers scrambled by Hurricane Sandy; brewers increasingly skeptic about plastic kegs; North American Breweries sold to Cervecería Costa Rica; Minneapolis brewers embattled in trademark dispute; and C&C Group purchases Vermont Hard Cider for $305 Million.

Allagash: The Cookbook Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Allagash: The Cookbook.

Strangers on a Train Kindred Spirits by

A cocktail made with Cape Cod cranberry liqueur, floral BarSol Pisco, citrusy pamplemousse and a spicy Saison.

Multitasking Your Beer Innovation by

A homebrewer with a mechanical mind, creator Bruce Sanchez invented The Infusionator, a dry-hop infuser and counter-pressure bottle filler.

Born & Raised IPA by No-Li Brewhouse Label Approval by

On No-Li’s labels, the sleek layout is the framework, but the illustration is the heart of the design: highly figurative, graphic images that convey a message about what the beer represents.

Analyzing the SKU Boom The Business of Beer by

With over 2,100 breweries currently operating in the US and more than half that in the planning stages, the craft beer market’s ability to absorb a rapid growth in stock-keeping-units is uncertain.

Expanding the Brotherhood of Beer Unfiltered by

For craft beer drinkers occasionally interested in looking beyond the IPA horizon, cider and gluten-free beers offer a refreshing chance to experience both new and growing beverage categories.

American Ales Circa 1900 History by the Glass by

The continued connection between American and British ales throughout the 19th century is unexpected but fascinating.

Bratty Brat BYOB by

The exact composition of spices and meats in a brat vary. In Nuremberg, commonly believed to be brat’s original birthplace, we find salt, pepper, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, caraway and celery seed.

Holiday Ham Cooking with Beer by

A recipe and the instructions to make your own house-cured ham, with Deschutes Jubelale or another Winter Warmer style beer.

Spice & Everything Nice Party-Gyle by

Wish you could have the holidays your way, instead of some carnival of family dysfunction that rears its ugly head each year? This month, host your own holiday party, with all the things that make season’s greetings sweeter. I’m not just talking about cookies, but malty winter beers. Spices are nice for baked goods, but

The Happy Gnome in St. Paul, Minnesota Barkeep by

Opened in 2006 in the Minnesota capital’s Cathedral Hill neighborhood, The Happy Gnome’s drink selection now includes 300 whiskeys and 100 bottled beer selections.

Casey Hughes of Flying Fish Brewing Company Going Pro by

When Hughes arrived at Flying Fish a decade ago, the brewery was producing 4,000 barrels in a year; now, it’s on track to top 18,000. Almost all of the brewery’s growth has been local.

10 Barrel Brewing Company From the Source by

Bend, Ore., is something of a beer drinker’s paradise. It is home to over a dozen breweries, and with one brewery for every 9,111 people, it’s also the city with the most breweries per capita. One of the staples of the Bend brewing scene is . The production brewery opened in 2006 under the name

New Haven & Southern Connecticut Destinations by

It wasn’t until May 2012 that Connecticut liquor stores could open on Sunday. It’s a no-brainer victory, but also a sign of the changes that have come to the state’s growing palate for good libations.

@Breweryrep Retweeted One of Your Tweets! Feature by

As the relationship between breweries, brewers guilds, beer publications and beer bloggers gets cozier, hard lines are becoming more difficult to define.

The Spanish Are Coming! Feature by

In Catalonia, the nationality within Spain that comprises the provinces of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona, we discovered a nascent brewing scene in and around Barcelona, still very much under the radar.

Bob Archer, Chairman, National Beer Wholesalers Association Last Call by

Bob Archer was thrust into the beverage industry when he took over the family business after his father’s death, and today he’s the chairman of the National Beer Wholesalers Association.