Multitasking Your Beer

Innovation by | Dec 2012 | Issue #71

Meet The Infusionator. It’s a device much like “Randall the Enamel Animal” designed by Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione several years ago, in that it infuses dry-hopped goodness into beer right as it’s being poured.

But wait! The Infusionator is also a counter-pressure bottle filler—great for homebrewers who want to move some of their kegged beers into bottles, for instance. What’s more, The Infusionator also works as an in-line beer filter, clearing up that murky brew right before it hits the glass.

As a Randall-type device, The Infusionator connects between a keg of beer and a tap. A housing unit can be filled with hop flowers, coffee, fruit, spruce tips or anything else that can impart an interesting flavor to beer. The un-infused beer runs from the keg into the housing device, through the flavor agents, out to the tap and, ultimately, into the glass. Without getting too technical, the way The Infusionator works is with CO2, preventing the beer from getting too foamy while it’s running through the hops or other flavor agents—a common complaint about other devices made for the same purpose. (That same technology helps The Infusionator moonlight as a counter-pressure bottle filler.)

A homebrewer with a mechanical mind, creator Bruce Sanchez has already sold several of his inventions to local brewpubs in his home state of Oklahoma.