Slammin’ Coors Light

Ask the Beer Geek by | Feb 2010 | Issue #37

Illustration by Jon Campolo

Alright… don’t laugh. I have a passing interest in different beers, but find I always come back to an iced-down can of Coors Light. Gotta come from the cooler with plenty of ice. Yeah, I know. Pretty boring. But I do like slamming ’em down. I have a taste for Guinness from the tap when I am in Ireland, fresh from the brewery, but now can’t stand most Guinness from the local USA taps. However, that’s a discussion for another day.

I have two questions. First, is there a glass type you might recommend for holding the head for Coors Light? I am thinking the tulip design would do best, but I’d like your input and reasoning as well.

Secondly, from my “hippie” days, I was led to believe that using a glass that once held milk ruined the glass for holding a good head for beer. As I presently sit here suckin’ down a cold one in a plastic milk glass, I find the head stayed for about three minutes. I was surprised. Have you any thoughts on the subject? —Granpa Bob

Hey, Gramps. You’re all over the place here, but I’ll try to drop some answers for all of your questions.

First, a clarification. The nitro-tap Guinness in Ireland is the same nitro-tap Guinness in the US, or so Guinness says. That said, I have to agree and further state that there are a lot of bars in the US pouring mediocre pints of Guinness; but then again, it’s probably just as mediocre in Ireland, but being excited in the moment clouds your perception.

Now to answer your questions. Coors Light. Yikes. I actually cringed vs. laughed, but if that’s what you like… who the hell am I to judge? Alright, seeing how you enjoy slamming ’em down… why bother with a glass? All a glass is going to do is highlight how lackluster (or in your words, “boring”) the beer really is. I recommend keeping ’em ice cold and slamming directly from the can. Enjoy the convenience and speed.

As for the myth that using a glass once used for milk for beer, it’s both true and false. Of course if you’re lazy and don’t clean the glass properly the milk residue will completely kill the beer’s ability to retain its head. However once the glass is thoroughly cleaned, the inducing of a head shouldn’t be an issue.

Cheers and thanks for writing in!