BeerAdvocate magazine #37

Super Bowl XLIV: Missed Opportunity for Craft Beer? Beer Smack by

From our point of view, an honest series of compelling craft beer ads during this year’s Super Bowl would have most definitely stood out among the mediocrity and made some form of impact.

Beer News News by

Fire at Dublin’s Guinness brewing facility; more breweries going green; Heineken buys Mexico’s Femsa Cerveza; and brewpubs and blood donors going pint for pint.

Celebrating Craft Beer’s Success Unfiltered by

Even amidst the constantly buzzing news of special-release beers from exciting new breweries from Dallas to Denmark, let’s take a moment to remember the craft brewing pioneers and help them celebrate their achievements.

Time to Embrace Warm Beer The Politics of Beer by

As lovers of flavorful beers, we need to make warm the new cool.


Given that it’s one of the four “legal” beer ingredients and that it comprises 95 percent of our brew (or 90 to 85 percent, for some of us), ignoring water’s impact can relegate your brew to the drain.

Mike Hoops of Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery Going Pro by

Mike Hoops has been at the helm of the Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery for roughly a decade now, and he’s moving faster than ever—he’s doing more with lagers, playing around with more than a dozen barrels, and experimenting with new ingredients and adjuncts.

Irish Stout: The Product of Evolution Style Profile by

Over 250 years, Dublin’s famous Stout has evolved and morphed so many times, it’s impossible to get a handle on the ale.

Three Threads Three Threads by

BA readers wonder if sours are here to stay, or just a passing trend.

Eau de Brewery Innovation by

While many beer advocates would argue that nothing smells better than beer being brewed, hardly anyone would think of the byproduct—spent grain—as a base for a high-end perfume.

Slammin’ Coors Light Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek talks Coors Light.

Celebrating Fat Tuesday with Creole Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

Forty-six days before Easter, New Orleans celebrates Mardi (French for “Tuesday”) Gras (“fat”). Here are three Creole-inspired recipes that are perfect for the occasion.

Barleycorn’s From the Source by

Barleycorn’s isn’t exactly a brewery, but rather a brew-on-premise shop where customers can come to the store, buy their supplies and ingredients, and turn out a 15-gallon batch within a few hours.

Farmhouse Sisters, Part One: Let’s Meet the Blonde Feature by

Similar to the origins of IPA, Saisons were and are highly hopped. Add the existence of wild yeast in the process and the result is a finished beer that is quite bitter and tart.

Cleveland Destinations by

In this city, there’s stunning prewar architecture downtown, boulevards of old-money mansions and reclaimed industrial warehouses. And for two decades now, it’s been ground zero in the fight against fizzy macro swill.

The Most Asked Question to a Brewer: “What’s Your Favorite Beer?” Last Call by

Dave Quinn of Pisgah Brewing Co. shares his thoughts on the wide world of beer.