Author: Mike Tessier

Mike Tessier freelances about beer for a number of publications, and he may own a lot of punk rock records.

Farmhouse Sisters, Part Two: A Letter From France Feature by

Geography and history explain why the Farmhouse Ale tradition has stayed alive in Nord-Pas-de-Calais or northern France. Also known as the Bière de Garde region, this area is nestled right against the Belgian border.

Farmhouse Sisters, Part One: Let’s Meet the Blonde Feature by

Similar to the origins of IPA, Saisons were and are highly hopped. Add the existence of wild yeast in the process and the result is a finished beer that is quite bitter and tart.

La Belle Province From the Source by

With its large French-speaking populace, this Canadian province has a distinctly European mindset for all things gustatory. Whether it is great food, great wine, or most importantly, great beer, they are passionate about all!

Punk’s Not Dead: It’s Brewing Organic Beer in Canada Feature by

Crannóg Ales’ head brewer, Brian MacIsaac, is a very proud Irishman who toured the globe playing bass in the punk band Immoral Minority. Today, instead of mohawks and mosh pits, it’s brewing organic beer that lets him crowdsurf the world.