Decadent Crab Sandwich for Two

Cooking with Beer by | Feb 2016 | Issue #109
Photo by Sean Z. Paxton

I love a good crab sandwich. Yet when do you see a deli offer this delicacy any more? All of my local delis might offer a krab sandwich, but this is not the same thing. So I came up with this recipe, using the Crab with Orval and Leeks recipe for the filling. It’s a perfect way to spoil your significant other.

Serves: 2

1/4 cup White Miso Mayonnaise
1 recipe Crab with Orval and Leeks
2 bread, either focaccia, soft sourdough, ciabatta or Dutch crunch
1 cup pea shoots
4 bacon strips, thick cut, cooked
1 cup potato chips, BBQ style or Sea Salt & Vinegar (optional)
cracked pepper

Fold the White Miso Mayonnaise into the cooled crab salad mixture and set aside. Warm the bread for a few minutes in a hot oven, then remove it and cut each roll or loaf in half. Take the Crab with Orval and Leeks and spread a little on each half of the bread, then divide the remaining crab salad on just two halves of bread. Season with freshly cracked pepper to taste. Top each sandwich with two pieces of bacon.

On the other half of the bread, divide the pea shoots and top with the optional potato chips to give the sandwich extra crunch. Bring the two sides back together and cut the crab salad sandwich in two. It can be served as is, or warmed in a hot oven for 4–5 minutes. Serve immediately.