Local Beer Week!

Advocate This by | Jun 2010 | Issue #41

The trend of celebrating local beer scenes has swept the US and is catching on around the globe. Though the focus is on commemorating beer within a specific area, organizers tend to include all beers available in the given area, both foreign and domestic. It’s easier this way, especially if locally brewed options are limited, and it gets more people involved by not being exclusionary. And it’s really a celebration of a collective beer scene anyway.

But this got us thinking. Let’s challenge ourselves by actually being exclusionary for one week a year!

We hereby proclaim that the last full week in August be named Local Beer Week—a global celebration of locally brewed beer, wherever your current locale might be.

Key Benefits
• Supports small breweries and businesses, and helps build your local beer scene.
• Local beer travels less to get to your glass, which is greener all around.

What’s Local?
Great question, and depending on the availability of locally brewed beers, the answer will change. Your best bet is to start with your city, then state or region, but ideally we suggest staying within a 10- to 30-mile radius (we know that’s a tall order in some parts of the country!). Use your best judgment.

How to Celebrate Local Beer Week
• Only drink locally brewed beer.
• Patronize locations that serve and sell regional beer.
• Urge local bars, restaurants and stores to carry beer from nearby breweries.
• Encourage your friends and family. Challenge them to try beer brewed in their own areas.
• Talk to brewers, bars, restaurants and stores about hosting local beer events throughout the week.

For more ideas, check out: localbeerweek.com.

This year, Local Beer Week will be celebrated August 20-29. Spread the word!