BeerAdvocate magazine #41

“What’s Your Favorite Beer?” Beer Smack by

We always answer, “What’s your favorite beer?” with, “The next one.” Because we’ll never truly know.

Beer News News by

Labatt’s dismantlement of Lakeport brewery draws local resentment; Obama receives Maine beer package; Boston Beer founder Jim Koch petitions for national Patriots’ Day; San Francisco’s iconic Anchor Brewing sold.

Objectively Better Beer Unfiltered by

What if taste, either in preferred beverage, music or art, is not subject to opinion but instead can be objectively quantified and judged?

Is A-B Inbev Going West? The Politics of Beer by

A series of public relations blunders in their Belgian operations in recent years has led to the kind of poll ratings that make politicians choke.

Maintenance Engineering BYOB by

With the summer’s blazing sun, you’re no doubt struggling with the burden of controlling the runaway temperatures of your ferments. Here are a couple of classic solutions to the temp problem.

Stephen Hale of Schlafly Beer Going Pro by

Stephen Hale of the Schlafly Tap Room has been brewing for over 30 years, and he oversees a brewing portfolio that’s both strongly traditionalist, and freewheeling and experimental.

Gueuze: A Taste of Place Style Profile by

As with the “terroir” of wine-making regions, the aroma and flavor of this unusual beer is a direct result of the place in which it was brewed.

Three Threads Three Threads by

As craft brewers move beyond their core portfolios and venture into seasonals, special releases, large formats, private labels, cans and distribution beyond their local areas, is it possible to have too many beer options?

Horse-Powered Beer Innovation by

At least twice a month, Wynkoop Brewing loads kegs and cans of their small-batch, award-winning beer onto a wooden wagon, hitches up two Clydesdales and delivers beer to thirsty downtown denizens.

Local Beer Week! Advocate This by

Let’s challenge ourselves by actually being exclusionary for one week a year.

3 Cool Salads to Beat the Heat Cooking with Beer by

Salads can be simple yet very tasty, complex and creative. Particularly when using flavorful beers, a salad can become a unique and satisfying meal.

Mountain Sun From the Source by

In 17 years of operation, Mountain Sun has evolved into a spot where regulars and tourists alike congregate to see local bands play for free, where groups of friends can meet to catch up on the details of the week and where individuals can come burn off stress after a hard day’s work.

Social Lubricant, Social Media: Good Beer and the Internet Feature by

The internet and social media have changed the way we connect with those who sell us the beer we love. Now we can actually communicate directly with them and tell them what we do and don’t like about what’s going on with their beer.

Baltimore Destinations by

A great, friendly city with a strange but refreshing mix of Southern attitudes and blue-collar, Northern atmosphere. It’s compact, walkable and full of stellar places to enjoy a drink.

Why We Do What We Do Last Call by

James Watt and Martin Dickie of BrewDog are foot soldiers in the fight for craft beer awareness.