“What’s Your Favorite Beer?”

Beer Smack by | Jun 2010 | Issue #41

In this issue’s “Three Threads” column, we ask, “Is it possible to have too many beer options?”—an interesting question that reminded us of a question we get asked on a weekly basis: “What’s your favorite beer?” We’ll tie the two together in a moment.

Personally, we definitely feel overwhelmed at times with the options for craft beer. Walking into a bar with a bazillion taps or a store with aisles of beer can be a challenge on many levels. That said, we’re certainly not complaining, especially as consumers, pro-reviewers and beer hunters in training. More options means more beers to try, which subsequently helps the ongoing development of our palates and gives us a better understanding of what’s being brewed. It also always gives us something new to talk about.

As for our favorite beer, we don’t have one. Literally and objectively, we can’t. 1) We’ve yet to try every beer on planet Earth, and we hope that goal is never reached because it’ll mean the end of having options. 2) To proclaim a favorite beer wouldn’t be fair to the brewers of the world.

That’s why we always answer, “What’s your favorite beer?” with, “The next one.” Because we’ll never truly know.

Cheers to options!

Respect Beer.