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The Year in Beer: Breaking Down 2020 By The Numbers by

While our numbers were down, we ended the year strong and I have a lot of hope for 2021 and beyond. Also, Fuck 2020.

Objectives and Beer Results (OBRs) for 2021 Beer Smack by

How-to convert your beer-related New Year’s resolutions into achievable goals by using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

The Year in Beer: Breaking Down 2018’s Ratings and Reviews By The Numbers by

During the 2018 calendar year, users added more than 70,600 unique beers to the site. That averages out to over 193 new beers every day.

The Problem with Beer Scores Beer Smack by

Many beer scores follow a dated, A-F standard borrowed from the wine and spirits world that was basically designed for marketing.

The Lost Abbey’s Track #8 Beer Reviews by

Despite its high alcohol, Track #8 is an insanely drinkable beast of a beer that’s been tamed for your enjoyment.

Wild Heaven Beer’s Ode To Mercy “Nitrode” Beer Reviews by

The nitro works well in Ode to Mercy—just enough to enhance the mouthfeel without tempering the toasted malt flavor or the bitterness and roastiness of the coffee.

Forbidden Root Brewery’s Fernetic Beer Reviews by

Although a robust and somewhat chaotic beer, the balance of ingredients brought a surprising drinkability to Forbidden Root’s Fernetic.

Funky Buddha Brewery’s Barrel-Aged Last Buffalo In The Park Beer Reviews by

An Imperial take on Funky Buddha’s Last Snow, a Porter that’s brewed with coconut and coffee, Last Buffalo has a warming alcohol hitting 11.5 percent alcohol by volume and a lush, full-bodied mouthfeel you’d find in a souped-up adult coffee drink.

Overrated Is Overused Beer Smack by

In countless posts across the internet we see “overrated” used (and misused) as a default reference to beers and brewers, usually with no substance to back it up.

Be an Intelligent Beer Consumer Beer Smack by

There are no more excuses for ignorance. We’re not talking about becoming an expert, but rather getting informed with the basics and understanding beer and the core brewing process.

Do You Even Drainpour, Bro? Beer Smack by

If you don’t like a beer, don’t drink it. Life is too short and good beer is too plentiful. But do you really need to brag about your drainpour like a cretin?

The Limits of Taste Beer Smack by

As it applies to reviewing beer, far too many people lack the attention span to read or write anything longer than a tweet. They react to clickbait headlines without reading, would rather tick beers and move on, and take as fact any information that’s delivered to them immediately in blurb or list format.

Are We Having Fun Yet? Beer Smack by

It’s our collective responsibility to create a better beer culture by challenging ourselves, having those hard discussions about our community, naming names and remaining open to constructive criticism.

“There’s more to beer than beer.” Beer Smack by

Brewers need to pay more attention to reviews and the long-term quality of their beers as they flow through the marketplace—the two are unarguably connected.

All the News That’s Fit to Tweet Unfiltered by

While the internet has given beer lovers access to information and communication avenues that we could never have imagined decades ago, the value of many social media options to breweries is harder to gauge.

Come Out From Behind Your Firewalls Unfiltered by

To be of value, constructive criticism must be offered in an identifiable manner, whether in person or online, not through protected and anonymous channels. It must be offered thoughtfully and sympathetically, in the spirit of a joint effort toward an improved experience.

“Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?” Beer Smack by

Why are so many people indirectly celebrating mediocrity by letting it pass as good beer simply because it’s craft, local, from someone they know, or a combination of all of the above?

Books Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Beer for Dummies, 2nd Edition and using the Moleskine Beer Journal.

Join the Discussion! Beer Smack by

We’ve heard from both consumers and brewers alike: “I don’t get involved in discussion because of all of the negativity.” And we think that sucks.

So Bad, It’s Good: Crazy Ed’s Cave Creek Chili Beer Feature by

Shortly after Michael Jackson’s ill-fated visit, Ed Chilleen concocted possibly the most despised beer of all time: Crazy Ed’s Cave Creek Chili Beer.

Inside The Great American Beer Festival Competition: Part I Feature by

The first competition, back in 1987, had 12 categories; this year, there are 83, and if you count subcategories, which don’t get awards but help further define style parameters, 135.

Knowing is Half the Battle Beer Smack by

First, and foremost, our users are consumers. Subjectivity inevitably comes into play, and with it, human error. We are not a body of professionally trained judges conducting reviews in strictly controlled environments.

Has Craft Brewing Got Mission Creep? The Politics of Beer by

The point of the craft beer revolution was to reestablish the reputation of beer as a quality drink, not to show how clever we can all be. The beers that will achieve that aim will be achieved by beers that are well made, not simply different.

The People Have Spoken Feature by

May these lists enhance your beer experience by challenging you to always seek out the good stuff and review along the way. Cheers!