BeerAdvocate in 2014

Beer Smack by | Dec 2013 | Issue #83

One of our New Year’s resolutions as a company is to communicate with you—our supporters—more, so we thought it appropriate to get a head start by sharing some of the projects planned for the upcoming year.

• From its back-end code to the front-end look, is getting a complete redesign.
• New tools and ways to contribute will create a more content-driven website.
• BeerAdvocate mobile availability will expand via Google Play Apps and Apple’s App Store.
• We’ll explore and test a public API (that’s “application programming interface”) to allow developers and the industry access to our data.

• All past and future issues of BeerAdvocate magazine will be archived online.
• Distribution of complimentary print copies will increase.
• We’ll explore digital support for Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iOS.

• Extreme Beer Fest (March 21 & 22 in Boston) moves to a larger venue to accommodate more brewers and attendees.
• American Craft Beer Fest is booked for May 30 & 31 in Boston.
• Beer for Beasts returns to Brooklyn this spring as we team up with Sixpoint to raise money for animals once again.
• We’ll announce a new festival with a fresh concept, to be held in fall 2014.

Check out our Announcements forum for the latest updates. We’re also interested in your suggestions, so drop us a note with your ideas or feedback.

In the meantime, thanks for your continued support, have an awesome holiday season, and all the best to you and yours in the New Year!

Respect Beer.